Feng Shui Business Forecast 2013

According to the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, 2013—the year of the water snake—starts on 10 February.

Having analysed the 2013 feng shui chart, I found that there are more good points than bad for the year. Compared with the past few years, this will be a calm, gentle and stable year, in which everyone can focus on their business.

Below is my easy business forecast from a feng shui point of view.

An ancient Chinese scholar found that the universe consists of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The five elements theory that can be adapted to each business category. For example, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. produces beverages and is thus considered to be in the water industry.

How about SoftBank Mobile Corp.? They have many business divisions, but their main division handles mobile phones. Thus, the firm is considered to be metal.

To provide an easy forecast for each industry this year, I will explain the balance of the year’s elements and industry elements.

Will your business have more opportunities than last year?

Earth—property, real estate, building, construction and hotels.

It will be an excellent year with plenty of opportunities. The firms in this group of industries can easily earn greater profits. You should relax more and imagine a successful future for your firm.

Metal—internet, telecommunications, mining, jewellery, computers and airlines.

Tailwind! It will be a bright year.

In Japan last year, most of the firms in this category, such as Sharp Corporation, Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation, experienced their hardest year ever because last year’s element balance was too competitive for metal industries.

However, they should see a strong recovery this year. Those in these industries, please throw away your negative thoughts and embrace good luck.

Wood—furniture, agriculture, publishing, flowers and vegetables.

For firms in this category, while it will not be a fantastic year, it will be good; and there will be more opportunities than obstacles.

Fire—electric power, oil, entertainment, lighting and restaurants.

It will not be a good year, since there will be more obstacles than opportunities. You will need a smart plan in order to not lose.

Water—banking, shipping, transport, bars and fishing.

This will not be a good year. The businesses in this category will be very competitive, and your firm might be busy. However, it will not make a profit.

I realise that luck is only part of the result, but we cannot completely ignore the invisible energy from the sun, moon and stars.

Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead!