Leaders October 2014

Gaining business insight

BCCJ events to provide learning

A busy events programme is undoubtedly an important ingredient for a flourishing British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ), but we are aware that it is the quality of events that drives the level of member participation to which we aspire.

Welcoming the best
We are proud to sharpen our focus this month on Japanese business with two outstanding speakers.

On 10 October we were scheduled to welcome Ken Osuga, director, senior executive officer and chief financial officer of Konica Minolta Inc., to take us behind the scenes of one of Japan’s technology giants, and share with us his personal insights on working with Japanese business people.

Later this month we will host a very special breakfast, on 31 October, at which we will welcome Michael Woodford MBE. Upon rising to the top of Olympus Corporation, Woodford found himself thrust into the limelight as Japan’s highest profile whistle-blower.

Having kindly participated in judging last year’s British Business Awards (BBA), we are delighted to welcome him to share his story. An accomplished speaker, we will hear his own account of the events as they unfolded, together with his broader views on corporate behaviour.

Delivering for members
Events such as these provide us with a chance to benefit from one of the very best business opportunities: the opportunity to learn. Gaining insight into the thinking and practices of business leaders is a key part of the BCCJ’s objective of supporting the interests of our members.

Promoting these interests is also a commercial imperative, which is one of the reasons we are so proud to host the BBA.

Now thriving in its seventh year, this year’s ceremony, on 14 November, will provide us all with an opportunity to showcase shining examples of the best of British business.

From the award nominees to the firms and organisations that are represented by our generous sponsors and attendees, the gala occasion provides an unparalleled networking opportunity to share your message with clients and business partners.

With 210 bookings already secured, we are looking forward again to another sell-out event.

This is a tribute to the enthusiasm and engagement of our members, and a testament to the quality of the BBA as the premier British business event in Japan.

Opportunities rarely come without sacrifice though, and in this case it manifests itself in the time invested by the organising committee. No one appreciates this more, or has given their time more freely, than Alison Jambert.

A former BBA organiser, BCCJ vice-president and president, she has now decided to step down from the BCCJ excom to focus on the further development of her business. On behalf of our members, I thank Alison for her tremendous contribution to the BCCJ over the years, and wish her every success as she continues to build her business in Japan.