June 2014


Addressing talent shortages in Japan

Efforts to attract more foreign workers to Tokyo may bring wider financial benefits.

Green and Healthy Beauty Choices

Establishing the origin of ingredients is vital in selection.

Online Media Key to Decision-making

Insights from big data have a huge impact on social and business environments.
Media June 2014

Fashion house set to expand

Burberry Group plc announces new flagship outlets in Tokyo and Osaka.
Media June 2014

Drum group unveils new masked show

The UK's longest established taiko team marks its 20th anniversary.
Media June 2014


Your monthly digest of UK-Japan media reports.
If You Ask Me June 2014

A look again at article 9

Regional territorial disputes beg questions on Japan's constitution.
Japanese Media June 2014


Boom in outlet malls; Burger shop's recruit plan; Firms offer novelty business cards
Heritage June 2014


Iconic images of the Beatles have been on display in Tokyo.
Health June 2014

Heading off pain

Headaches caused by neck-related issues can be addressed by hands-on treatment, posture changes and exercise.
Export To Japan June 2014

Designed for success

Supplying British design to Japanese companies is considered UK firm's unique strength.
Books June 2014


The art lover's guide to Japanese museums; Surviving the 2011 Tsunami
BCCJ Event June 2014

The cost of a “free” scotland

Lord Jack McConnell explores the wider implications of the upcoming referendum on the future of the UK.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
June 2014

Creating a level playing field

Upcoming sporting events present a great opportunity for the transfer of knowledge between the UK and Japan.
Charity June 2014

Ladies who punch

Brit and mother of three, Elizabeth "Hot Hands" Taylor, was named fighter of the night.
Arts June 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Finance June 2014

Why the government needs your pension

The recent UK budget could spell changes to your future finances.
Publicity June 2014

Dream homes and perfect offices

Lack of space and the high cost of land can be challenges, but solutions are available.
Media June 2014

Classic monster film remade by Welsh director

The highly anticipated blockbuster, Godzilla creates a stir among Japanese viewers.
Media June 2014

Store to stock Mt Fuji wine

British retailer Marks & Spencer plc will trial the special variety, Sol Lucet Koshu, made from the koshu grape.
Music June 2014

Electric samurai

Guitar legend Tomoyasu Hotei dreams of expanding his work globally.
Politics June 2014

Abe knocks on door of 10 downing street

Leaders discuss the UK and Japan's "dynamic strategic partnership for the 21st century" on official visit.
David Bickle OBE President
June 2014

Task forces

The BCCJ will continue to thrive through the active involvement of members.
Publicity June 2014

Abe BMW: renewing a trusted brand

The firm celebrates 50 years as a family enterprise and 35 years as an authorised BMW dealership.
Lead story June 2014

Brits lap up Tokyo treats

UK entrepreneurs find success in bringing Japanese products and services to the masses.
Survey June 2014

More optimism on economic growth

UK firms are bullish in their approach to doing business in Japan according to a recent survey.
Simon Farrell Publisher
June 2014

Meet the new editor

The World Cup, queen's birthday, economic promise make a buzz.
London Calling June 2014

Fighting for those who can’t

NGOs and charities give a voice to under-represented people.