September 2019

Event September 2019

GREAT Weeks to Show GREAT business

One-year campaign highlights Britain–Japan ties
Paul Madden CMG British ambassador to Japan
September 2019

Getting ready for a busy autumn

Simon Farrell Publisher
September 2019

Rugby fans take slow road to Tokyo

Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
September 2019

Positive impact

Defining the future of business
David Bickle OBE President
September 2019

Stronger together

Teamwork matters in sport, business and research
R&D September 2019

Battery Boost

Japan link is key for Coventry plant

The English samurai

Publicity September 2019

More than letters and numbers

BST prepares students for a world of opportunity
Education September 2019

Boarding Schools raise the bar

British-style education expands in Japan and abroad
Publicity September 2019

Creative Growth

Summerhill International School encourages curiosity and imagination in young learners
Publicity September 2019

Early Advantage

Aoba-Japan International School prepares young learners for bright futures
Education September 2019

Middle Temple: past and future

Chuo University sends law students to UK
JMEC September 2019

Career Boost

Sally Army team consultant recounts JMEC experience