Bloomin’ genius!

Can Japan’s dapper master of small spaces be best at Chelsea show again?
Culture November 2017

Japan House comes to London

Culture July 2017

Living flowers

Adventures in ikebana
Culture September 2016

Don’t stop the music II

Music stalwart looks back on his illustrious career
Culture July 2016

Shakespeare, Mozart and Monet … for youngsters

Culture March 2016

Art & design, old & new

V&A tribute to icons of ancient & modern Japan
Culture February 2016

Success of St. Patrick’s Day

Culture January 2016

Art treasure returns to Tokyo

UK–Japan collaboration restores piece of history
Culture August 2015

Autumn festivals connect locals

Culture March 2014

Making the Cut

The classic 1974 gangster film The Yakuza first piqued Paul Martin's interest in Japanese martial arts and history.
Culture February 2014

Art of the Potter

Mingei is a true East-meets-West movement, as the aesthetic values of the Japanese style merged with modern Western techniques.
Culture January 2013

Hyper Japan 2012

Held on 23–25 November, Hyper Japan 2012 showcased Japan’s vibrant pop culture, including manga, anime and J-pop; traditional Japanese culture; food and drink; stage performances and workshops.
Culture October 2012

British Performing Arts Festival 2012

The UK and Japan share a love of the theatre that, in both countries, has a long history and plays an important role in the lives of their people.
Culture September 2011

Hyper Japan 2011

London hosted all that is cool, creative, cute and crazy in Japan with cuisine, cosplay, culture, comedy, community, clothes, competitions and more at Hyper Japan 2011.