Culture July 2016

Shakespeare, Mozart and Monet … for youngsters

Young children can not only appreciate and enjoy art, but also receive significant learning benefits from being stimulated by this medium from an early age.

By approaching teaching with an arts backbone, children can receive maximum learning benefits, without compromising the development of key skills such as literacy, numeracy and science.

Moreover, these subjects are complemented by teaching using such stimulating methods. Ideally, in a typical school day, music, dance, visual arts, storytelling, poetry and drama would make up the main part of the timetable.

On 31 July, Clarence International School in Minato Ward is putting this philosophy into practice by hosting a free workshop for children in collaboration with the charity Arts & Kids Japan.

The aim is to immerse young children from the ages of two to six in a world that delights their senses, and proves how such stimulation can lead to greater enjoyment and learning outcomes.

During the morning, there will be live musical performances, a rhythm, dance and poetry workshop, and an art session using flowers and fruits.

The workshop, entitled Slice of Culture, is the second charitable event organised by Arts & Kids Japan this summer.

In June 2016, The Royal Ballet took time out of their Japan tour to run two days of workshops in local schools in Kumamoto City. More than 400 pupils affected by the earthquakes there, in April 2016, participated.

The workshops, which were led by Royal Ballet teachers David Pickering and Elizabeth Foster, introduced children to ballet and dance, aiming to inspire and uplift them in these difficult times.

Arts & Kids Japan work closely with Clarence International School to enable all children to have the opportunity to participate, view and experience art, in every form. They work with museums, concert halls, schools and individual artists to provide a line-up of distinct and varied programmes to a broad audience of youngsters. In addition, they offer training for teachers to help them build confidence and gain key skills when teaching the arts.

To find out more and sign up your child to this free arts workshop, visit:!events/kl2xb