Leaders December 2009 / January 2010

Welcome to Acumen

I am thrilled to introduce BCCJ ACUMEN, the magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. It has been many years since the Chamber had a regular publication and many Members have wanted to see us produce one again. Well, here you are: a new, forward-looking magazine designed to reach out to much more than the Membership. With our partners, Custom Media, we intend to make this a magazine for the community at large; promoting the Chamber certainly, but more than that: letting the broader audience understand what Britain is doing in Japan. That means telling your story, too. We want to feature pieces on what Member firms are doing here and how they are doing it. We’ll be looking to interview the movers and shakers, the visiting VIPs and, yes, even those who normally beaver away in the background and rarely get noticed.

I am delighted to have an extremely talented editorial and creative team working with us, and a very impressive pool of freelance writers. But we also need your input to achieve our goal of becoming the magazine of choice. Send us your press releases, let us know when someone is coming through town who you think would make an interesting interviewee, and tell us what kind of articles you want to see in future issues.

Our plan is for regular features on areas such as politics and economics as well as community news, so if you are active in one of the many societies and associations with Anglo-Japanese connections, please keep us informed of what you’re up to. We’ll be happy to consider such submissions.

We will also be looking for your support with advertising. We have a print run of 5,000 copies per issue, which means you’ll be reaching a very broad congregation indeed.

It is fortuitous that this inaugural issue of ACUMEN should have as its cover story the 2nd British Business Awards. The Awards are designed to showcase the best of British business in Japan and it is our hope that this magazine can do that on an ongoing basis. I invite you to help us make that hope a reality.

When the BCCJ employed me in 1987, it was in no small part due to the fact that my media and communications background was seen as a means to give the Chamber a higher, more professional profile. In the intervening years we have achieved a great deal, thanks to Members who gave their time and effort by serving on committees and task forces. In particular, our Executive Committees are dedicated to seeing the BCCJ recognised as one of the foremost British Chambers in this region. I believe that the launch of BCCJ ACUMEN reinforces that position.