Publisher October / November 2010

Which Good Cause?

Having a strong CSR programme has become de riguer for any firm serious about business today. But there are so many good causes out there that it’s hard to decide which one to support. Bearing in mind that cancer scares us all, while the plight of children afflicted by major diseases tugs at most people’s heartstrings, we have found what we believe is one of the most worthy and well-run NPOs in Japan: The Tyler Foundation.

I must admit not really having known the full scope of this very active organisation, that helps children with cancer and their families, until I attended its Rhinestone Cowboy fundraiser in early October (see page 26). It was a marvelous evening organised by clearly dedicated people, many of them volunteers, and was a great balance of sad anecdotes, strong optimism and lots of fun.

If your firm is looking for a solid CSR partner, I strongly recommend you contact the people at The Tyler Foundation.

Our sincere thanks to Ambassador David Warren, who was very gracious to allow us into his residence at the British Embassy Tokyo to photograph him for the “My Day” column on page 22. He also gave me some valuable feedback: David was most impressed a few weeks ago to see BCCJ ACUMEN in the departure lounge of a major British carrier at London Heathrow Airport. Yes, we do have a significant overseas presence, at international airports and chambers of commerce in Asia, the Middle East and the UK, plus at a number of organisations directly involved in trade between Japan and the UK.


On behalf of Custom Media, I’d like to wish BCCJ Executive Director Ian de Stains a rapid and comfortable recovery from his recent heart surgery. We look forward to seeing him back at his office as soon as he is ready.