Leaders August / September 2010

BCCJ Success Stories

Members, events, awards — and ACUMEN
One of the great privileges of serving in this capacity is the opportunity it presents to meet so many Members across the broadest range of sectors. At event after event I find myself impressed by the number of success stories involving not just our larger corporate Members, but also the smaller entrepreneurs. Their successes are most encouraging and I hope to see more of them reported in the pages of this magazine.

The success of BCCJ ACUMEN is also something of which I feel extremely proud. Not only is it the only magazine distributed to every individual in the BCCJ member database, but it also enjoys a large — and growing — circulation outside the membership. Current distribution is about 7,500 copies and we know that many enjoy multiple readership. So let me take this chance to sincerely thank those who advertise with us and so make it possible for our partners, Custom Media, to bring to market such a fine community publication.

The magazine also allows us to share with readers the variety of speakers we have at our events. This past year I have been struck by the quality of the presentations we have seen and am delighted that, economic pressure notwithstanding, we have a large turnout at our events.

The regular surveys that we conduct after each of these helps ensure that we stay on course in delivering the topics and speakers you expect. As I have said before, your feedback is genuinely important to us, so whether it is through these surveys, the letters page of this magazine, or direct contact with me or the Chamber office, please do not hesitate to let us have your views.

Though it is hard to believe we are halfway through the year, I can promise that what remains of it will feature a great deal of activity. Our expectation is that the autumn will be busy with visitors from the UK and we are already discussing a number of specific events, including a Quiz Night — something that many Members have asked us to repeat.

Naturally, we are also very excited about the annual British Business Awards, which this year take place at the Conrad Tokyo on 19 November (see page 13). It is my hope that as many people as possible will make nominations this year so that we can proudly demonstrate the best of British business in Japan.