August / September 2010

Media August / September 2010

First Koshu Wine Exported to UK

The first batch of 650 bottles of Koshu-labelled wine to be marketed in Europe left Japan for London, reported iStockAnalyst on 21 July, with a further 2,000 bottles expected to follow by September.
Media August / September 2010

Financial Alliance

Chuo Mitsui Asset Trust and Banking Company has formed a strategic alliance for reciprocal asset management services with Standard Life Investments Limited, reported the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on 29 July.
Media August / September 2010

Papers’ Digital Charge

The Times became the UK’s first non-business daily newspaper to charge for digital content, several Japanese media outlets reported in July.
Media August / September 2010

PM Vows FDI Support

Prime Minister David Cameron said the ability to continue to attract and retain inward investment from Japan, the US and other countries is at the heart of the government’s economic recovery plans, according to a London Press Service report on 16 July.
Media August / September 2010

Low Carbon Energy Deal

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) agreed to develop low-carbon and wind energy, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on 21 July.
Media August / September 2010

Ramen Chain Up For Sale

Majority owner Lion Capital is trying to sell Pan-Asian ramen restaurant chain Wagamama for up to £250m, The Sunday Times reported on 1 August.
Media August / September 2010

Brand’s 20th Birthday

The Body Shop celebrated its 20th anniversary in Japan, Mode Press reported on 16th July.
Media August / September 2010

Nagasaki Memorial Envoy

David Fitton, acting head of the British Embassy Tokyo, accepted an invitation from the governor of Nagasaki Prefecture to attend the city’s annual memorial prayer service on 9 August for victims of the atomic bombing, the Nagasaki Shimbun reported.
Media August / September 2010

New Cosmetics Brand

High street fashion retailer Topshop will launch its own original cosmetics brand in Japan in September at a new store to be called Topshop/Topman Miraza Shinjuku, the Nihon Seni Shimbun reported on 15 July.
Media August / September 2010

Hague Drives Leaf EV

Foreign Secretary William Hague test-drove one of Nissan’s new Leaf electric vehicles that will be manufactured in Sunderland and go on sale in Japan in December, according to several media reports.
Media August / September 2010

Hybrid Production Starts in Derbyshire

Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) has started making the Auris Hybrid, the first hybrid manufactured in Europe, the Daily International Automotive Affairs website reported in July.
Media August / September 2010

Strong Yen Hits Sales

Toyota Motor Corporation said it could import to Japan its UK-made Avensis model due to the strong yen, the Asahi Shimbun reported on 13 July.
Media August / September 2010

Two Years Before London Olympics

The British Embassy Tokyo held an event on 27 July to mark two years before the start of the London 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games...
Cover Story August / September 2010


An entire wall of the lobby at the IBSC JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center is taken up by colourful pamphlets declaring “Fascinating Kanagawa: Best place for your business”, and “Saitama City: Business hub in the new era”, plus the more prosaic “Industry of Ehime”. Clearly, Japanese prefectures want foreign business.
Investment August / September 2010

Time to Buy into Japan?

Japan has been in a bear market for nearly 20 years. With a stock market index at one quarter of its 1989 value, it looks as though the world’s second-largest economy may soon lose that place to China.
Business Risk August / September 2010

Mitigating against Corporate Fraud in Asia

It is generally true that fraud is harder to conceal when credit is tight or during a major financial crisis. Corporate fraud occurs when there is a clear opportunity and detection appears remote, or when the corporate culture is insufficiently robust and people believe dismissal is the worst that could happen.
Great British Brands August / September 2010

Grosvenor’s 1,000-Year History

The floors are burnished hardwood and the kitchen surfaces flecked marble. The architect’s clever use of light lends the apartments a sense of space and airiness. The over-sized windows take in the green expanse of Yoyogi Park, while the night view from the roof garden...
Great British Brands August / September 2010

Unilever - CSR and Global Pioneer

Ever since the predecessor of Unilever was founded in 1884 by Lord William Hesketh Lever, it has had priorities other than profit margins and the bottom line. Lever Bros. was one of the few firms of the day that cared about its workforce...
Visiting Japan August / September 2010

Sir Robert Fry KCB, CBE

What will the next strategic shock be? When, and where, will it occur? Those were the unsettling questions posed by Sir Robert Fry, former deputy commander of coalition forces in Iraq and newly appointed executive chairman of the British global business performance advisers, McKinney Rogers.
Hospitality August / September 2010

Convenience is Key

As Tokyo vies with New York, London and Asian capitals to be the global business center, MORI LIVING is innovating to help exceed the expectations of international and local residents alike by offering the convenience and comfort of all-in-one central locations.
August / September 2010

The Case for Arbitration

The fine art of arbitration has been a formal part of the legal landscape since it was recognised by England’s Arbitration Act of 1697 — although this form of dispute settlement was in use long before then, notably by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks — and it has become an increasingly important part of doing business in a multi-national world.
Embassy August / September 2010

New UK Bribery Laws

The UK has passed new legislation on bribery (the 2010 Bribery Act) and, like the existing law, it will also apply to UK citizens and businesses based overseas including in Japan.
Politics August / September 2010

Championing UK Business Abroad

UK firms operating in Japan and elsewhere overseas are to be given a significantly greater helping hand from the British government, said Foreign Secretary William Hague at the British Embassy in Tokyo on 15 July.
My Day August / September 2010

Roland Buerk: BBC Tokyo correspondent

Roland Buerk became the BBC’s Tokyo correspondent in January 2009, following five years in South Asia covering war, poverty, elections — and the Indian Ocean tsunami that he survived.
CSR August / September 2010

NPO Helps Vulnerable Families

We know a number of families in Japan have problems, as families do in all countries. Some here face disability, health problems, depression and stress. Mothers in particular can feel isolated at home with babies or young children and there are significant problems with poverty, child abuse and neglect.
Education August / September 2010

Global Learning in Japanese Schools

For Japanese and foreigners with children here, living in Japan offers a safe, clean environment and the opportunity to pursue numerous pastimes. However, when it comes to education, the picture often looks less rosy.
Simon Farrell Publisher
August / September 2010

Open to Ideas

Review August / September 2010

Dyson DC31 Motorhead

I gave my mum the new Dyson DC31 motorhead vacuum cleaner because she has owned another Dyson model for a few years. She adores it for the powerful suction and unmistakable — if rather eccentric — design.
Ian de Stains OBE
August / September 2010

Everybody’s Talking at Me

August / September 2010

BCCJ Success Stories

Nicholas Anstee
August / September 2010

UK and Japan: Financial Partners

Industry August / September 2010

Getting from There to Here

The dramatic changes in hiring seen since January in the area of logistics and procurement accurately reflect the lively movement in market prices. While many businesses are still understandably cautious, there is a growing optimism in supply-chain businesses, as they seek to better position themselves for the expected period of expansion with selective hiring. That said, salaries have not grown to levels seen in previous years.
Industry August / September 2010

How BI Software Drives Intelligent Business

A survey conducted in January by Gartner, Inc. predicts that the list of spending priorities for technology chief information officers will continue to be led by software for business intelligence (BI), the umbrella term applied to methods and technologies used to gather and analyse information for improved decision-making.
Industry August / September 2010

IT with Service

IT is changing before our eyes. Thus, firms looking for new systems or upgrades should know how to navigate relevant changes to remain competitive; this means, for large firms, ensuring the accessibility and efficiency that lead to customer satisfaction.
British Business Awards August / September 2010

2010 BCCJ British Business Awards

Nominations are invited for the third annual BCCJ British Business Awards to be held at the Conrad Tokyo hotel in Shiodome on 19 November.