Publisher August / September 2010

Open to Ideas

Help us promote your business
Got a new product to review? Global CEO visiting Japan? Want to write about your job? Is your firm a Great British Brand? Have an advocacy gripe to vent? Or, maybe, you have some images of a recent do? Then tell us. These are all opportunities BCCJ ACUMEN offers Members and the British community in Japan to help promote people, issues, events, products and services.

This time, for example, we feature some great British household names — from modern innovators to firms with a glorious past; corporate helmsmen to CSR champions; along with high-profile political, community and media figures.

We welcome contributions from writers, Chamber members and industry experts. Occasionally, however, someone baulks at being edited. They simply don’t get why his or her ringing prose should be “ruined” by an editor or proofreader. This rarely happens with professional full-time writers, but it’s understandable that some who are untrained might not understand how the system works.

To this minority, I offer my style clarification: our comprehensive house style guide numbers 65 pages, and is occasionally revised to accommodate additional words, phrases, usages and trends. It’s actually a fascinating read — if you enjoy ploughing through vocabulary and rules, and discovering their underlying logic — that covers everything from abbreviations, brackets and capital letters to spelling, titles and verbs.

Editors and proofreaders are obliged to impose the house rules. Why? Because it provides uniformity in style and formatting to help readers grasp the intended meaning of an article, while eliminating rambling, repetitive text and ambiguity. We don’t expect contributors to know our style off by heart. But we do ask them to accept it.
I look forward to receiving your ideas.