Review August / September 2010

Dyson DC31 Motorhead

Tiny, trendy handheld with faster spin than an F1 car engine!

I gave my mum the new Dyson DC31 motorhead vacuum cleaner because she has owned another Dyson model for a few years. She adores it for the powerful suction and unmistakable — if rather eccentric — design.

It is often said that Japanese people love quality products that look cute or different!

After using the cordless, handheld DC31 for the first time in late July, mother commented: “It’s really light and small, but so powerful and quieter than I expected”.

Moreover, it’s a great example of the amazing advances in motor and battery technology made over recent years.

However, another reason my mum—and other allergy sufferers — love Dyson vacuum cleaners is that, while most other vacuum cleaners expel back into the air some of the dust-borne pollen, mould and bacteria, Dyson’s patented technology expels only clean air.

So, what’s the secret? Dyson’s own brushless motor technology powers the DC31 to generate constant powerful suction. Remarkably, Dyson says the motor creates spin faster than that of an F1 racing car engine — up to 104,000rpm. It’s smaller, lighter and more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaner motors and has no carbon brushes or nasty carbon dust.

Got a cat or dog? Dyson’s digital motor also boasts a useful motorised head for much improved pet-hair pick-up. Accessories are a wide nozzle tool, an extendable hose, a stubborn-dirt brush and a mini soft dusting brush.

My mum said: “It fits in my hand nicely, so I feel like using it every day. And, of course, you don’t need a bag; just press a button to throw away the dust. The clear bin always shows how well it works on both wooden floors and the living room carpet, where the cat likes to sit”.

The battery pack takes three and a half hours to fully charge from empty, and allows a 10-minute run (six minutes with higher suction mode) — which is plenty of time to do the car interior or living room.
With some vacuum cleaners, she said, if you open the windows to let out the dust, you are afraid the noise might annoy the neighbours. But, as my mum observed, not only is there no need to open the windows but, even if you did, the noise is too slight to bother anyone!

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