Review Nov / Dec 2021

Mind Over Sales

Mindful leadership, limitless sales and invincible teamwork

Available on Amazon (¥1,073) and Kindle (¥595).

Sales are integral to the success of any business. No matter how amazing products and services may be, they do not and can not sell them­selves. Businesses the world over are filled with examples of leaders and founders who, with a strong sales back­ground, achieve exceptional results as they apply their phenomenal sales skills. 

However, the ones who can sustain such results are great leaders. They have mastered the art of knowing themselves better through the practice of mindfulness, and have leveraged this ability to get buy-in from others in all situations.

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Literary reference

I have known Darren McKellin for more than 10 years. He introduced me to the world of feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and the importance of practicing balance in our daily lives, be it at home or at work. So, when he told me about his book Mind Over Sales, I was eager to read it and discover his secrets to success.

In his book, McKellin masterfully outlines the concept of mindfulness, drawing on two well-known classic works: The Art of War, by Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher Sun Tzu (544 BC–496 BC) and The Book of Five Rings, by swordsman, philosopher, strategist and writer Miyamoto Musashi (1584–1645). Both books, known for the military strategies of their day, contain approaches that have since become management principles, guiding businesses and business leaders worldwide. 

Just as in The Book of Five Rings, McKellin skilfully balances each chapter of his book with the five basic elements of nature: earth, fire, water, wind and air. He provides thought-provoking quotes from world leaders and anecdotes of his personal experiences in Japan, where he has been doing business for more than 30 years. From interviewing tips and the art of securing successful sales leader­­ship positions, to hiring, firing and building high-performing sales teams, he highlights what one must do to master the practice of mindfulness, which, when harnessed, brings true break­through in sales leadership.

Chapter by chapter

Mind Over Sales is an easy read. In each chapter the author recommends specific activities that quickly could be put into practice and produce success. The earth chapter emphasizes the power of grounding one­self through self-awareness and building a strong, stable mindset. 

The fire chapter highlights the fact that passion, when mobilised, can not only motivate us and our teams to succeed, but can also help us handle conflicts and tactfully resolve problems. 

The need to quickly adapt in this rapidly changing world is navigated in the water chapter. It under­lines the need to use clear commu­ni­cation and know when remaining silent is the best course of action. 

Wind, in its chapter, draws attention to the need for understanding people; the importance of practicing humility to guide decision-making when doing business, hiring or firing; and the power of quick action that can make or break a business. 

And finally, the air chapter concludes with tips on achieving your personal zen and devising a guiding philosophy on how to approach life. The way you look, communicate and act has a big impact on how you are perceived as a leader.

By following McKellin’s suggested activities and mastering the techniques in this book, you can train yourself to be a successful sales and business leader. Good luck!