Foreword August 2014


On behalf of the British diplomatic network in Japan, both in Tokyo and Osaka, many congratulations to BCCJ ACUMEN for reaching your special 50th edition.

The heart of our work in Japan is commercial, supporting British firms operating here or wanting to come into the market; and supporting Japanese firms who invest in British jobs. So our relationship with the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan is close, and getting ever closer.

But, we are all also part of the wider UK community in Japan, interested in what British people are up to in this great country, be they businesspeople, teachers, artists, sportspeople, students or simply people travelling through.

ACUMEN has always been great at capturing, in easily digestible articles, that range of connection that exists between the UK and Japan, and celebrating the way we work together. Your articles can be serious, light-hearted and, sometimes, provocative, enriching the lives of those of us who have made Japan home.

So my best personal wishes to ACUMEN, all its writers and staff, on the contribution you make to the broader British community in Japan. You have become an invaluable friend and guide. And best wishes for at least another 50.