Forecast February 2019

Feng Shui: 2019

What to expect in the Year of the Boar

The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, starts on 5 February, the day of the month’s new moon. What is your wish for the year? Will it be a good year for us? In this article, I explain what we can expect based on feng shui, an ancient method of reading fortunes.

In January, we saw many forecasts for 2019 on news programmes. Most were negative. Many analysts say that the economy will worsen. Is it true?

Although we are now in the era of artificial intelligence, let’s take an old analogue path to predicting the future.

Stable year

By reading the feng shui chart, we can see that 2019 will be a great year. All five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—are present, which is not always the case, and this means the year will bring stability.

Stock markets, human relationships and the economy will all be more stable this year compared with last, so we can expect there to be improvements in business.

Restless year

There are eight cells on the chart. Six are positive (, yang or male energy) and two are negative (, yin or female energy). When the positive is stronger than the negative, people tend to be active and restless. It creates an atmosphere of first come, first served.

Be rich

Three of the eight cells this year represent fire. These are marked with red and indicate wealth. This means there will be many opportunities to create wealth in 2019. We can be richer if we have good vision, as well as plan and act. We can also attract wealth by wearing red, the colour of fire. By wearing a red tie, jacket or shirt, we can increase our luck compared with that of others.

Lucky colours

Because all five elements are on this year’s chart, any element can activate certain luck. Take a look at the 2019 element/colour/luck table above. Here are examples of how to match colours to goals:

  • Wear red if you want to make more money
  • Wear green if you are taking an exam
  • Wear yellow if you want more likes in social media

This five-element theory, developed by ancient Chinese scholars, is based on the belief that the world is made of five types of energy. Harnessing this energy can be an effective way to achieve your goals.


On the chart this year is the Diplomat Star, a special star brought by the boar. It shows that people can solve difficulties more effectively using negotiation rather than weapons. Combined with the tiger, the boar brings peaceful relationships. This year, people will have good communication and less conflict.

However, the monkey and the tiger (grey and green on the chart) together bring family conflict, such as arguments between a father and son. If you face such a situation, having peaceful discussions is the right attitude in 2019.

In addition to the Diplomat Star, there are some other good signs. There can be improve­ments in global relationships, and the first wealth sign is in May. According to my scenario, in April the United States and China will reach a peace­ful agree­­ment on trade tariffs that will lead to economic improve­ments starting in May.

Buy flower buds

As New Year’s Day was 5 February on the lunar calendar, coming just after the first day of spring on 4 February, we will have no spring this year. The lack of spring energy and resultant slow growth may mean that projects are delayed. We all want to see growth—both physically and spiritually—but you may feel lazy and struggle for personal growth, your firm’s sales may not grow as you expect and your progress on your projects may be delayed.

We can offset the weak spring energy by placing campanula, peach and plum blossoms in our space and opening windows to allow in fresh air. When the buds open and flowers bloom, young, fresh and positive growth energy is created. It is this very precious energy that makes up for your lack of growth.

May you have a wonderful year.