Forecast Jan / Feb 2021

Feng Shui: 2021

What to expect in the Year of the Metal Ox

Everybody wants to be proactive in business and personal life. This annual feng shui article will help. Looking back at my own article from last year, I noticed that I was wrong in one respect—there was no mention of a pandemic. But I did predict that the metal rat would bring a new cycle, and there’s no doubt that we experienced a sudden transformation of our lifestyle.

I also forecast strong growth energy, and the New York Stock Exchange did reach its highest value since the market was established. And the cash flow problems I predicted would be brought on by the earth–wood clash in the month column of the eight-cell chart? Most of us faced those.

The lucky number eight was in the north-west of the nine-section grid called the Annual Flying Star Chart, a position that symbolises good leadership. Did we get it? At the least, people paid more attention to leaders. Presidents, prime ministers and governors were on television at every turn, and we listened to them when we usually don’t.

The centre of the 2020 grid, which indicates the trend for the whole year, was filled by the number seven, which represented robbery, financial loss, betrayal and violence. Yes, the fear and anxiety we felt was clearly brought by this star.

I believe last year’s forecast is still worth reading. 

New Path Ahead

The Annual Flying Star Feng Shui Chart for 2021 replaces seven with six, which brings opportunities and help. That seven is no longer in the centre is the best news. The change in energy on 4 February will calm Covid-19 in a few months.

Metal Ox

Ancient Chinese scholars assigned an animal to each year in a 12-year cycle. For each of these 12 animals, there are five types representing the classical elements—water, wood, fire, earth and metal—bringing the total to 60. This is the Year of the Metal Ox.

As we know, the ox is a hard worker. It walks slowly but steadily, so working hard, step-by-step, rather than expecting instant wealth is the right attitude for us in 2021.

The ox belongs to the earth element. Metal weakens earth, so the metal ox is not strong. Last year, the metal rat was very strong and brought sudden changes. The ox will not. We can reconstruct our lives steadily.

No spring, no growth

But we must know more about 2021. The first day of spring, 4 February, occurs before the start of the lunar new year, which is the 12th. This means there is no spring. In such a year, we feel the shortage of growth energy. You may wonder, “Doesn’t spring starting before New Year’s mean it is already spring?” You are almost right. What I mean is that the energy of the moment—the changeover from winter to spring—is missing. This lack of spring affects the whole economy and stock market. Businesses will find it difficult to implement expansion plans and we may just feel lazy about starting something new.

The cure can be found in the eight-cell chart, which shows elements and meanings for the year.

Too much water

Water, which represents friend / enemy, appears three times in the chart. This means there will be trouble in close relationships. Friends become enemies. Arguments and backstabbing, as well as fighting for power, position and money, are likely to occur.

On the flying feng shui chart, conflict star three is in the south-west—the direction of mother—so all mothers are affected. We will find mothers quite short-tempered due to this conflict star, and we have to take extra care of our partner this year.

But don’t worry, we have a cure. That’s why many people like feng shui.

To offset the spring energy, place plants in the foyer or living room. Potted plants or flowers are fine; it doesn’t matter as long as they are real, living plants.

They bring growth energy and also weaken excess water energy.

Along with a well-lit south-west in your space, plants will help you overcome conflict star three. It is an important feng shui cure for 2021.

No fire, no wealth

There is no fire on the eight-cell chart this year. Fire represents wealth, so this means we can’t expect easy money in 2021. We have to find opportunities to create wealth from a hidden or surprising place. To make up for the missing fire, we can use the colour red, which represents fire. By wearing a red shirt, jacket, tie or other article of clothing, we can attract wealth luck this year.

Place plants and wear red. Is it too easy? Just try it and make the most of 2021. I wish you a very lucky and happy Year of the Metal Ox.