Executive Director November 2017

Give and take

Making the most of your membership

In Tokyo, everyone has a demanding schedule and the thought of adding even more commitments to your diary might seem insufferable. So why pledge time to your chamber of commerce?

Thanks to an ever-growing number of member firms and their talented people, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) is a meaningful hub for business development, education and networking. Being actively engaged with chamber activities shows that your firm has relevance to the wider business community. It can also return worthwhile benefits to you as a business leader.

Develop your skills
Behind the scenes at the BCCJ there are a number of task forces in operation. These are similar to committees, but focused on specific, time-bound tasks, such as delivering the British Business Awards or revitalising our community strategy. As well as providing networking opportunities, these task forces are excellent for supporting your own professional development.

While serving the greater UK–Japan business relationship, you can dip into new business functions and build your own brand. In tandem, the connections you make can lead to referrals and potential partnerships that could take your business to the next level.

We would welcome your active participation in any of the following 2017–2018 BCCJ task forces: membership, events, global sports, British Business Awards, community and communications.

Find your audience
Through the BCCJ events programme, we strive to keep your business on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within the local marketplace. BCCJ Toolbox events, in particular, are a great platform for learning and development. These expert-run seminars on marketing, managing cross-cultural teams or niche topics, such as building resilience at work, can be of value to you and your team’s knowledge base. They are also fun ways to meet new potential customers, clients and vendors.

But it’s not a one-way street. If your firm is welcoming to Japan a global or regional representative, we would be very happy to consider building an event around that person, securing a senior-level audience and delivering post-event PR opportunities.

Raise your hand
The BCCJ team is focused on helping our member firms grow and find new connections in the UK and Japan. The “magic happens” only if you are dialled into the network through communication channels and social media, and are participating in events. Paying your annual subscription fees isn’t enough!

You are also invited to invest time in, and make efforts for, chamber activities. Send us an email or pick up the phone and ask for what you need. If you’re a member and believe you can help the BCCJ enhance its presence, why not offer your services or time on a pro-bono basis? In supporting a large network of more than 200 firms, you can gain positive exposure for yours.

Ultimately, joining the BCCJ is valuable—provided you take the initiative to make it work for you. Do drop us a line and find out about specific ways in which you could support our small and nimble team. By doing so, you can, in turn, reap the full benefits of membership.

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