February / March 2010

Feature Article February / March 2010

Danger of New Drugs

Books February / March 2010

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

This second edition, which has been completely revised and updated, explains to the technical novice how the web has changed the rules of marketing and PR and how to leverage the potential of the individual media...
Great British Brands February / March 2010

Land Rover of Hope and Glory

Lines on the flanks are clean and smooth; interior is immaculate cream leather smelling factory fresh; dashboard is gleaming state-of-the-art, and the V8 happily purrs away under the bonnet. The Land Rover has come a long way.
Interview February / March 2010

Minoru Mori, KBE: CEO & President of Mori Building Co., Ltd.

In December 2009, in recognition of his distinguished contribution to relations between the UK and Japan, and his significant contribution to collaboration between the two countries in the arts, Her Majesty The Queen appointed Minoru Mori to be an honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
Legislation February / March 2010

New UK Bribery Bill

In recent years, the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) may not have been all that vigorous in its investigation of corruption cases involving jurisdictions outside the United Kingdom, but Richard Alderman is determined to inject a new sense of urgency into the organisation "to make it very clear that corporations involved in corruption will not flourish".
Feature Article February / March 2010

20 Years of Breakfast Toastmasters

Former BCCJ President Graham Harris stands in front of the crowd to explain how, 20 years ago, the world changed forever. Moments earlier, speechwriter John Harris had taken the podium to reveal the secret of his craft lies not in "data delivery", but in the telling of a good story.
Simon Farrell Publisher
February / March 2010

Blowing Our Own Trumpet

I am occasionally asked what makes BCCJ ACUMEN special. Well, apart from being the sole magazine delivered to all members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, BCCJ ACUMEN features only exclusive text: you won’t read our content elsewhere — unlike articles in certain competing publications.
Feature Article February / March 2010

Magazines Make it Matter

Custom Media KK extensively promotes CSR and environmental issues through BCCJ ACUMEN and WIFM lifestyle magazine. In addition, it supports the UK charity Help for Heroes, providing free advertising to help raise funds for soldiers’ rehabilitation, medical treatment, and reintegration into society.
Feature Article February / March 2010

New Organic Certification Services

With more than 10 years of experience in providing organic certification services to Japanese and international clients, Ecocert-QAI Japan Ltd. is diversifying.
Media February / March 2010

Scottish OAP Wins Top Judo Award

Media February / March 2010

Japan-Scotland Day Proposed

Media February / March 2010

TSE Mulls Corporate Bonds for Tokyo AIM

Media February / March 2010

Yamanashi Promotes Wine in London

Media February / March 2010

GSK Sells First HPV Vaccine in Japan

Media February / March 2010

Pharma Firm to Fund UK University Drug Research

Media February / March 2010

Top UK Nurse Speaks at Okayama Summit

Feature Article February / March 2010

Staffing Challenges in a Complex Market

With the world’s second-largest economy, Japan continues to be one of the most important markets for...
Health February / March 2010

Investing in the Healthcare Industry

According to the United Nations, the global population will increase from 6.7 billion today to 9.4 billion by 2050. One-third will be over the age of 60.
Investor February / March 2010

For Love of Money

Standing in the back streets of one of Tokyo's numerous neon-lit "entertainment districts", what you see is not necessarily all you get. The garish establishment with prices advertised by the hour...
Hospitality February / March 2010

Embracing the Best

Fergus Stewart, general manager of the ANA InterContinental Tokyo, is one of the few in Japan's beleaguered travel industry to report a successful 2009. But he is quick to point out that the hotel's positive performance had much to do with both the widely held perception that the flagship hotel is an affordable luxury option and the loyal following in Japan.
Ian de Stains OBE
February / March 2010

We’ve Come a Long Way

Holding the first issue of ACUMEN in my hands was a thrilling experience, if for no other reason than that it reminded me of how far the BCCJ has come. When I was recruited to this post in 1987, it was in no small part due to the fact that I had a media and communications background.
February / March 2010

New Era of Renewed Hope: Busy times for BCCJ and business community

Is it the fact that we’ve entered a new decade or is it just my imagination? I sense a renewed optimism in the business community about the prospects for 2010.
Andrew Cahn
February / March 2010

UK and Japan Prospects for 2010

British business in Japan needs no reminding, of course, that the UK — the world's 5th-largest economy, 6th-largest manufacturer and home to the world's most international financial centre — has been hugely affected by the economic crisis of 2008–2009, as has Japan
Feature Article February / March 2010

Ozawa Fights On

The political funding scandal surrounding the Democratic Party of Japan’s (DPJ) powerful secretary-general Ichiro Ozawa has rocked the party and shone the spotlight on challenging aspects of its transition to power.
Education February / March 2010

Universities Boost UK-Japan Ties

The internationalisation of higher education is a priority issue for governments worldwide. By leveraging the reputation and expertise...
Feature Article February / March 2010


Discarded clothes and textiles take up a tremendous amount of space in landfills and have a major impact on the planet when incinerated. An innovative recycling technology introduced by Teijin can help make the clothes entirely sustainable.
Arts & Culture February / March 2010

Nezu Museum

Popular for tourists in Tokyo’s uber-trendy Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, is the Herzog & de Meuron Prada building—a glass-lozenge mecca for fashionistas that has graced travel and style journals since 2003.
Feature Article February / March 2010

Business Roundtable

Given the myriad challenges of today, now may seem an inopportune time to talk about Japan's future. The list of culprits is long and menacing: deep recession, ballooning public debt, demo-graphic change, political flux and competition from emerging economies. But could Japan's current economic crisis — the kind, as we are often reminded, that appears only once a century — also be an opportunity to set the country on a new course?