Feature Article February / March 2010

Magazines Make it Matter

Custom Media KK extensively promotes CSR and environmental issues through BCCJ ACUMEN and WIFM lifestyle magazine. In addition, it supports the UK charity Help for Heroes, providing free advertising to help raise funds for soldiers’ rehabilitation, medical treatment, and reintegration into society.

Since March 2008, editorials written by professional journalists on CSR and the environment in both magazines have featured:

Japan’s First Certified Eco-house in Kamakura. With solar panels, insulation, double-glazing and energy-efficient appliances, the goal is a zero-carbon home.

Investing in Climate Change — Magellan Financial Planning Japan advises investing directly in alternative energy, water treatment or recycling businesses.

Bulgari’s Philanthropic Initiatives — A multi-million-dollar fundraising effort supports the “Rewrite the Future” project of the International Save the Children Alliance that brings quality education to millions of children living in countries affected by conflict.

The Tyler Foundation — Giving hope to children with cancer and their families through “Shine On! Counseling and Support Program”.

Refugees International Japan — Ensures that people can enjoy basic education; proper health services; the right of children to be children; sanitary living conditions; and good nutrition.

Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project — Connects the expat and local communities.

Young Artists Helping the Poor—The Asian Collection Art Gallery in Azabu Juban holds events to support Second Harvest Japan, an NGO for disadvantaged people.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms — For more meaningful interaction with the local community while sharing your culture and expertise, and learning along the way. Spend a day or two in working organic farms, or engage in traditional activities in communities not far from Tokyo and in other countries.

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