Media February / March 2010

Top UK Nurse Speaks at Okayama Summit

An international award-winning palliative-care nurse from Wales was invited to address a major health conference held in January in Okayama, the Sanyo Shimbun reported.

Ann Brennan, lead nurse for palliative medicine at Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, South Wales, was named Palliative Care Nurse of the Year at the International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards in London in 2009.

Brennan, 46, spoke at the two-day conference sponsored by Kato & Namiki-dori Hospital attended by healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, local government officers and representatives from charities in Japan.

Brennan said she wanted to give a comprehensive picture of how Macmillan, a cancer care and support organisation, operates and how specialist NHS palliative-care teams and volunteers work as partners in providing high-quality care to patients in the UK.

“I was asked to talk about the role of the Macmillan nurse in the community and hospital, as well as plans for specialist palliative care services”.