January 2016

Top story January 2016

Opening up to fintech

Forward-thinking UK firms pitch to crack the market
Ambassador January 2016

A New Year message

Kathryn Wortley
January 2016

Optimism for 2016

Building on solid UK–Japan ties
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
January 2016

Energise your networks

Events in 2016
David Bickle OBE President
January 2016

Taking stock

Success heralds an auspicious year ahead
Entrepreneur January 2016

Sweet on British puddings

Baker and author brings a taste of her former home back to Japan
FDI January 2016

People issues

The results of M&As in the UK
Interview January 2016

Selling English

The work of a skilled chameleon
Literature January 2016

A fan of the great detective

Award-winning author inspired by Sherlock Holmes
Environment January 2016

A vital diplomatic issue

UK climate change expert speaks in Tokyo
Publicity January 2016

Hiroshi Matsumura

Making healthcare modern
Publicity January 2016

A top education

Preparing children for life
Publicity January 2016

Five success steps for 2016

The leadership Japan series
Publicity January 2016

Hakuba Valley

Japan’s best-kept secret for outdoor sports
Health January 2016

Top training for winter sports

Yoga boosts strength and flexibility
Culture January 2016

Art treasure returns to Tokyo

UK–Japan collaboration restores piece of history
JET January 2016

Where are they now?

Creating advocates of Japan
If You Ask Me January 2016

Climate change conference 21

Have we reached a deal?
Books January 2016

A love letter

Divided by a common language
Communications January 2016

Digital is dead, long live digital marketing

The key of your communications strategy
Reflection January 2016

Take care of your health in 2016

A feng shui practitioner looks at what is in store this year
Health January 2016

You’ve got stress. Now what?

Learning how to cope with life's problems
Publicity January 2016

The Lexus experience

Test-driving the IS200t