September 2016

Top story September 2016

Partners for progress

Collaboration between the UK and Japan is helping sport achieve social goals
BCCJ September 2016

Who are BCCJ Honorary Members?

Handling of Brexit, embassy ties, and BCCJ ACUMEN are key functions
Simon Farrell Publisher
September 2016

New editor

For a new era
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
September 2016

Passing the baton

Maternity leave plan
David Bickle OBE President
September 2016

True Champions

Britain is a leader in the world of sport
Entrepreneur September 2016

Don’t stop the music

Guy Perryman’s star-studded career
Culture September 2016

Don’t stop the music II

Music stalwart looks back on his illustrious career
Office Solutions September 2016

Freedom to be flexible

Office space that boosts communication is catching on in Tokyo
Science September 2016

How to inspire interns

GlaxoSmithKline’s Orange Internship Programme helps people with disabilities or diseases be welcomed in society
Training September 2016

The 106cm cold caller

When the leads are few and far between, desperate measures are called for
Trade September 2016

Making Connections

Service upgrade brings partnership opportunities to Japan-based firms
History September 2016

Summer retreat

Symbol of UK–Japan friendship is reborn
Publicity September 2016

Announcing Our 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Explore Cool Japan and support Shine On! Kids
Publicity October 2016

Boost your team

Corporate mystery-solving fun
Publicity September 2016

Sakura International School

An internationally influenced curriculum for internationally attuned students
Health September 2016

Meningitis in the UK and Japan

British parents concerned about meningitis who go to a Japanese hospital may find that their doctor doesn’t realise that wanting to exclude meningitis is a major reason for their visit
If You Ask Me September 2016

Should the Emperor Abdicate?

Japan wrestles with issues of the monarchy, as the UK did in the 1930s
Book review September 2016

The English Willow and Japan

A beautifully produced volume of “Twaiku”
Training September 2016

Is Japan’s Ladder to the Future on the Wrong Wall?

We know that Japan has an escalator system for work and education—get in on the correct ground floor and with the passing of time and effort, you get out at the top
BCCJ September 2016

Don’t miss the British Business Awards!

Some tickets still left; nominations and sponsors welcome
Translation September 2016

Lost in Translation?

A few answers to help you find your way