Publicity August 2014

Kobe city: Modern and Progressive

Providing opportunities for business and pleasure

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster
The Kobe Medical Industry Development Project is the nexus of an accelerating effort to form an international network of medical-related industries, one of the 21st century’s key growth sectors.

Research institutions and universities have already joined over 270 firms at Port Island in the city, where they are pursuing innovation in biomedical fields. The project, linking industry, academia and the government through partnerships, is not only a municipal enterprise geared to local development, but a national project.

A great place to live
After the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868, the area attracted many non-Japanese residents. Since then, the lifestyles and cultures of various countries have been integrated into neighborhoods, thus creating an environment in which non-Japanese find it easy to live comfortably.

Besides having easy access to a number of religious facilities, the area has international schools, pleasant living conditions and a natural environment, while offering a choice of ethnic cuisines and traditional Kobe beef.

Support for foreign firms and affiliates
The city of Kobe has various incentives for businesses wishing to invest. We have a system of preferential treatment for both foreign and domestic firms who are prepared to make large investments within the next three years. We are also offering a fixed assets tax-rate cut of up to 90% for 0–10 years.

In addition, we have increased our rent subsidy for office space. While before we provided ¥2mn per year, we now offer a subsidy of up to ¥11mn per year. Businesses thus can receive a generous subsidy of up to ¥33mn for three years.

Kobe Enterprise Promotion Bureau