Publicity February 2015

Project moves outstanding firms onto global stage

Saitama City provides chances for joint R&D

Japan’s manufacturers are world-renowned for high quality craftsmanship and inimitable technology, yet many outstanding firms have yet to establish themselves abroad.

To counter this trend, in 2008 Saitama City set up a certification programme—Saitama City Leading-edge Companies Certification and Support Program—to strengthen home-grown innovation and the ability of local businesses to compete overseas as “Global Niche Top Companies”.

According to Yuji Okuma, assistant director of the Business Development Division, City of Saitama, certification is awarded to businesses that already possess leading-edge technology and know-how in particular niche markets.

Once certified, they receive assistance to develop new technologies and overseas markets, while experts provide training to enhance production quality and product marketing.

Now in its seventh year, the programme has certified 34 leading-edge local firms. Most are medium-size businesses engaged in producing small volumes of high-added-value products.

The programme’s success was especially evident in March 2014, when two leading-edge firms that Saitama City had certified were chosen to be part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s nationwide “Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100”.

Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd. has produced an automatic coil-winding machine that can be used in electronic parts, and has a more than 30% share of the world market for the machine.

Porite Corporation, a specialist in powder metallurgy, holds an 80% share of the world market for bearings used in small motors and micro-motors with IT applications.

The city’s final objective goes beyond simply exporting goods; it aims to provide opportunities for joint R&D with global partners.

The following 34 firms certified by the programme each have specialities and are seeking global alliances with overseas partners.

Acoma Medical Industry Co., Ltd.
Antenna Giken Co., Ltd.
Arai Helmet, Limited
Asahi Rubber Inc.
ASAP Co., Ltd.
Bellnix Co., LTD.
Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Clarion Co., Ltd.
Cosmo Research Corporation
Goto Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.
HARVES Co., Ltd.
Hasegawa Machine Works Ltd.
Hokkai MIC Co., Ltd.
Iino Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kaneko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Nihon Dento Kougyo Co., Ltd.
Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd.
Nissan Motor Light Truck Co., Ltd.
Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd.
Nissin Kasei Co., Ltd.
Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd.
Porite Corporation
Science Inc.
Sumita Optical Glass, Inc.
Tamron Co., Ltd.
TechnoScope Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Titanium Co., Ltd.
Watanabe Co., Ltd.
Yamada Machine Tool Co., Ltd.