Publicity August 2017

RGF—Global Talent

Interview with Hayato Shiba, director, Technology Division at RGF Japan

How would you describe RGF’s main strengths?
At RGF we focus on two distinct areas. The first is placing bilingual Japanese professionals in international firms here in Japan. The second is working with domestic Japanese firms who want to hire “global talent”. This is a rapidly growing aspect of our business as local firms continue to internationalise. These two areas converge where our strengths lie: bridging talent with opportunities across the globe, stretching limits, and enhancing lives.

How would you describe “global talent”?
We define global talent as either non-Japanese with excellent language and/or technical skills, or bicultural Japanese with international experience.

Why is there such a strong demand for global talent?
Many domestic Japanese clients wish to cast their net as widely as possible when hiring for hard-to-fill technical positions such as engineers. In the IT sector, in particular, we find that programmers and developers with niche skills are in high demand, even if Japanese is not their first language.

Additionally, we receive many hiring requests from Japanese clients who are seeking to internationalise their businesses or expand their operations overseas. Global talent allows them to bridge the gap with overseas offices so that expansion goes smoothly. Part of our service is to offer a realistic appraisal of our client’s proposed recruitment plan. We use our knowledge of the region and detailed understanding of the availability of certain types of candidates to provide in-depth analysis.

How do you source such candidates?
At RGF, we have a wide reach across Asia with 47 offices in the region. We can source technically skilled candidates from outside Japan who add real value to local clients. This network also provides us with access to many “returnees”—bilingual expat Japanese candidates who have been working in Asia. At RGF Japan, we get access to these candidates before any other recruitment firm in Tokyo. These bicultural candidates, with experience working in different countries, can bring an international outlook to any firm.

How does the Recruit Brand help you attract these kinds of candidates?
It helps enormously. Recruit is the leading recruitment business in Asia, and this gives us immediate credibility with candidates—particularly passive movers—who are at least willing to have a conversation with us about the possibility of changing jobs.

Many candidates still feel uncomfortable making a move, and working with a brand which they recognise and trust is extremely important. As a result, we have a large percentage of candidates who work exclusively with RGF.

It helps with clients, too. Most of the firms we deal with recognise the value that we can add to any search, and they understand the reach we have when sourcing candidates. This means that we can present a wide range of opportunities to candidates to help ensure they can find their dream job.