Publicity February 2016

Street smart

Master tailor ensures executives keep looking good

Vinod Bahrunani of Euro Merican brand

Vinod Bahrunani of Euro Merican brand

More clients have at least two tuxedos: perhaps one in plain black and one in blue with black silk lapels, like the one James Bond wore in Skyfall. That is according to Vinod Bahrunani, the suit connoisseur at Euro Merican Fashions Limited.

For Bahrunani, the so-called Bond effect is just one of many trends that his industry—bespoke tailoring for businessmen and women—is undergoing. But even in the fast-moving world of fashion, some things endure.

“I normally sell classic suits as they never go out of fashion quickly”, he said. “Right now, the trend is to wear flat-front trousers without pleats or cuffs. Customers also want a slimmer cut, but that is not a universal trend”.

Bahrunani’s family have been creators of bespoke fashion for Hong Kong’s business community since 1960, when his father opened the business. And, since 1989, some of Tokyo’s best-dressed businesspeople and diplomats have enjoyed the firm’s craftsmanship and tailoring right on their doorstep.

“I come to Tokyo about 10 times a year, and I always stay at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo”, said Bahrunani. “I come to sell suits, shirts, sports jackets and tuxedo suits, to name a few items”.

In a private suite inside the hotel, clients can peruse a stunning range of exclusive fabrics from some of the best mills in the UK and Italy.

“A customer normally schedules an appointment with me before I arrive from Hong Kong. They then come to the suite and look at the fabrics and styles.

“I take over 30 measurements and note their posture. These are sent to Hong Kong for the items to be created, and the customer receives their order two to three weeks later”.

According to Bahrunani, there is a distinct advantage to having tailor-made clothes, not least of which is the sense of style it imparts on one’s clients and customers.

“As you can see, my suit has real button holes”, he said, holding out his arm and pointing to his sleeve. He recommends customers keep the last button of a suit jacket’s sleeve open, to show it is bespoke.

Other signs of style, he says, are to have your name—or your firm’s insignia—on the lining of the jacket, or choose a lining that complements the outside fabric of the suit.

Fashion among Bahrunani’s executive and VIP clients varies widely. Recently, many of them prefer short suit jackets. Chief executives, chief financial officers and diplomats, however, favour long ones.

For men especially, classic colours such as dark grey or dark blue are always popular as they are suitable for wearing throughout the week.

Also becoming a trend is preference for royal blue. “It catches the eye and has a sharp look to it, while also working as a one-off item to impress”, he added.

No matter the preference, Euro Merican Fashion offers exclusive tailoring that includes a choice of colours, inner linings, buttons, collars and cuffs. Customers can choose from over 6,000 fabrics, including Egyptian cotton shirts, with optional personal embroidery.

But what sets Euro Merican Fashion apart is its level of service, borne of an illustrious heritage and intimate knowledge of what the customer wants.

“My after sales service is impeccable”, Bahrunani said. “We do free alterations, for instance, if someone gains or loses a few pounds. And this service is available indefinitely”.

His intimate knowledge of global trends, moreover, ensures customers get the best advice available on what is or is not fashionable, as well as personal tips for each individual.

From his base in Hong Kong, Bahrunani’s bespoke tailoring services touch clients in Malaysia, Singapore, the US, China, Australia, Japan and the UK. He considers his greatest compliment to be the way most of his customers come to him: via a word-of-mouth recommendation.