Adversity brings out the best of British Business at Tokyo 2020

Olympics Sept / Oct 2021

Hand-outs and access control

Olympics Sept / Oct 2021

Two views from Olympic volunteers

Olympics February 2019

All in a Row

Team GB cuts a fast path to Olympic gold
Sport January 2019

Local Links

British Olympic Association CEO builds medal groundwork
Olympics November 2018

Scouting Gold

Team GB visits Tokyo to prep for 2020
Olympics March 2016

Tie-ups to improve business

Reasons to partner with Team GB and Tokyo 2020
Olympics February 2016

Threat and opportunity

Ensuring public health for Tokyo 2020
Olympics September 2015

Creating a legacy for Tokyo 2020

Lessons from Ken Livingstone and London
Olympics July 2012

Kasumi Ishikawa

The last time that Kasumi Ishikawa competed in London, a bee spiralled down from the ceiling and landed on the table tennis table. The bee’s unscheduled appearance—until it was removed by a referee—was a positive omen, however, as the bubbly 19-year-old went on to win the Under-21 Singles title.
Olympics July 2012

Genki Dean

Genki Dean is quickly discovering the minor drawbacks to being one of Japan’s most sought-after Olympic athletes. Two days after he trained in the pouring rain in front of 80 Japanese reporters, cameramen and photographers, the 20-year-old javelin thrower is nursing a fever and a rasping cough.
Olympics July 2012

Remember Tokyo 1964? I do.

I initially came here in July 1964 as the first Financial Times staffer to be posted in Tokyo, with the idea to latch onto Japan as it prepared to fling open the doors to the outside world during that year’s Summer Olympics.
Olympics April 2012

Hiroshi Hoketsu

The first time 71-year-old Hiroshi Hoketsu competed in an Olympic Games, most of the other athletes who will be at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had not even been born.
Sport April 2011

More than Sport

As a newspaper headline, “The Japanese are Coming,” would catch the eye of anyone involved in UK-Japan ties. And that’s exactly what happened in June 2009, when the Leicester Mercury covered the Japanese Olympic Committee’s (JOC) signing of an agreement to use Loughborough University as a pre-tournament training camp for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.