Team games can benefit firms

bannerThe world’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses and organisations is finally coming to Tokyo. The Corporate Games, first staged in 1988 to give people around the world an opportunity to play sport, will be hosted this year in over 60 cities, 30 countries and five continents.

As part of the global series of events, 22,500 organisations and 1mn participants will take part in more than 70 sports worldwide.

Corporate Games Tokyo 2014 will take place on 25—28 September in the Tokyo Bayside area and feature not only 13 sports, but also a host of major celebrations, including a parade.

On the sporting side, some less well-known sports like dodgeball, futsal and a relay marathon will be interspersed with many of the most popular sports worldwide, such as soccer, ten-pin bowling and badminton.

However, it is expected that the Tokyo sporting event will offer much more than purely physical activity.

Since the world of business is becoming increasingly global, the games aim to provide individual participants with opportunities for international interactions, and firms with a chance to develop contacts with leaders and representatives of both national and multinational organisations, resulting in greater name and brand recognition.

Increasingly important these days is a positive working environment. As sports teams can include employees and clients as well as family and friends, the event is aimed at instilling confidence, loyalty and a sense of team spirit.

The sports are also organised to be fun, offering staff a real added incentive.

This year, a host of major organisations have already committed to joining, and thousands of participants will be taking part for the first time.

Some organisations and firms reported that these games are one of the communication methods and team-building activities utilised by their departments or divisions.

Others have said it is a great tool for sales and business-matching work, as firms can build deeper relationships with their clients through participation. Firms and organisations also have the opportunity to meet college students to build contacts for the future.

Touted as offering the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism, the Corporate Games are expected to offer not only enjoyable competition and exciting celebrations, but also participation in a worldwide corporate sport community.