July 2014


Protecting against cyber attacks

The right team, planning and attention to detail were valuable assets to deliver a technologically safe and successful London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Team games can benefit firms

Participating at the event promotes international relations, a positive working environment, and improved relationships with business contacts.

The key to personal leadership

Setting a vision for your business that is concrete, clear and well-communicated is crucial in order to help your team be more self-directed.
Japanese Media July 2014

Japan news

Mid-year round-up of consumer favourites; Tricks of the trade when taking paid holidays; Weather could dampen summer sales
Publicity July 2014

Racing machine on the wrist

Richard Mille: We have developed an extremely good reputation in the UK.
Sir Tim Hitchens CMG LVO
July 2014

Happy birthday, Ma'am!

The Queen's party celebrations showcased the UK's gastronomic delights.
Media July 2014

Alternative band gains new followers

A Sheffield pop group finds success in Japan, with chart hits and a recent tour.
Lead story July 2014

Sellafield know-how for TEPCO clean-up

UK talent and skills in the nuclear field help the Japanese government and the operator of the Fukushima facility.
Sport July 2014

Getting ready for rugby

England 2015 leaders lend their support in the lead up to the world cup in 2019.
Publicity July 2014

S.T. Dupont: back to the future

S. T. Dupont: We innovate constantly, but always keep the core DNA and essence.
David Bickle OBE President
July 2014

Seize the day

London 2012's use of talented business people show the opportunities for firms in relation to Tokyo 2020.
Motors July 2014

Viewers love British villains

UK actors prove to be popular and convincing big-screen baddies.
JET July 2014

Lifelong links

Sarah Parsons on how her JET experience has inspired her drive for internationalisation.
BCCJ Event July 2014

Olympic lessons from the best

London 2012 is an example to Tokyo 2020 of how the Games can inspire change.
Books July 2014

Identity in the face of crises

Burnt Shadows explores world-changing events through a story about love and war.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
July 2014

Getting creative

BCCJ events; Quake zone latest; British Business Awards 2014
Excom July 2014

a sporting chance

The chamber is developing opportunities to build on the momentum around Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020.
Kathryn Wortley
July 2014

Teach and learn

The development of cross-cultural skills and experience of international exchange is invaluable in Japan today.
Charity July 2014

A ride for good

A 500km charity cycle by 20 riders raises money for Tohoku vegetable factory.
Export To Japan July 2014

keeping ahead

Japanese firms find the UK IT and telecom market attractive for potential collaborations and partnerships.
Embassy July 2014

Passport update

Extra temporary measures are now in place to help British nationals living abroad.
Publicity July 2014

Finding a competitive advantage

Michael Page: Foreign firms need to open up to the idea of lowering Japanese language requirements rather than English ones.
Export July 2014

it’s a deal!

English firms on a recent trade mission find new business opportunities.
If You Ask Me July 2014

Veering to the Right

The election results for the European Parliament cause a stir in the UK and across Europe.
Media July 2014

Green light in rail talks

Actions to open procurement markets may help negotiations on railway equipment.
Media July 2014

Poll reveals global beer price

Tokyo and London are among the priciest cities in the world for buying a small beer.
Training July 2014

business plan to enter and expand in japan

A non-profit making training programme supports firms's success in Japan and the development of participants.
Media July 2014

Imports now possible for “authentic” Japanese beef

The recent lifting of a Europe-wide ban means locally raised wagyu can now be eaten in the UK.
Arts July 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Media July 2014

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