Export To Japan July 2014

keeping ahead

Collaboration key for IT and telecom

Success by firms abroad and the rise of technology giants in both China and South Korea have resulted in Japan now looking overseas to keep itself ahead in the fields of IT and telecommunications.

As a growing number of Japanese firms post representatives to Silicon Valley, it is clear that the sector cares about what is happening in the US. Yet, the UK’s prime position in Europe is a very attractive selling point for UK businesses that are trying to break into the Japanese market.

With exponential sector growth—both real and projected—time to market is crucial. As Japan rethinks its traditionally conservative stance on partnerships, UK firms are enjoying a special appeal when it comes to collaboration.

“Japanese technology and manufacturing skills combined with the innovation and creativity of UK companies is the ideal match to innovate products”, said Etsuo Watanabe, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Japan market specialist.

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