Publicity January 2015

United under a common umbrella

Showcasing and supporting quality preschools

Due to increasing globalisation and the development of larger multi-cultural communities within and around the greater Tokyo area, it is essential for families and parents to have a variety of educational opportunities, including international education.

These are necessary for children at all levels of learning, even preschoolers. In fact, it has been proposed that early childhood education is one of the most important developmental experiences in the life of a child.

It is a time when foundations for learning are laid, and routines and habits are acquired and developed. Moreover, the basis for social interaction and communication is established. Parents from different backgrounds and cultures need to have choices that fit their expectations, and those they have for their children.

More and more international preschools are now available. This is good news for families, who benefit from having education choices that vary in curriculum content and implementation. These options are one aspect that makes the Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP) a valuable addition to the community.

TAIP brings together member preschools under one common umbrella. While it serves to unite school directors, staff and families for the benefit of everyone, its primary aim is to increase opportunities for staff and administrators to network and share best practices.

For many parents, the selection of a preschool for their child can be a daunting prospect. We recognise not only the difficulty that parents may be faced with when selecting an appropriate institution for their child, but also the apprehension that parents may feel when leaving their child in the hands of educators or caregivers for the first time.

Through membership of TAIP, schools demonstrate their commitment to continue learning, and to improve the education they provide.

While we do not endorse any of our member schools individually, we do point out that their membership in our organisation is an indicator of the school’s attitude to provide quality education, staff training and professional development.

Founded in March 2005, TAIP has a specific mission to support international preschools in the Tokyo area through offering networking opportunities, professional development, parent education and publicity.

With a TAIP membership, schools can benefit from discounted rates to attend workshops held over the course of each academic year. These sessions provide an invaluable, interactive forum for teachers to learn from recognised professionals in early childhood education.

Parents, too, are always welcome to attend these events, as we believe that education must be a joint venture between both schools and parents.

Member schools are listed on our website, allowing families considering enrolment of their child to view information on individual member schools. Like any organisation, our strength lies in our numbers. As we continue to increase membership, our message, and those of each member school, reaches a wider audience.

Yearly membership fees are used to offset the cost of workshop attendance. Fees cover discounts to member schools, payment for guest lecturers, cover advertising and the maintenance of our website.

Members of our executive board of directors are professional educators who work in the international education community in Tokyo. They volunteer their time to maintain the association and report to the membership at the Annual General Membership meeting.

On behalf of TAIP, we invite preschools, businesses and individuals who are interested in supporting early childhood education, to contact us and learn more about our association.