Media April / May 2010

Island Sells ¥3,000 Spuds to London

Kagoshima Prefecture’s rich and creamy annou sweet potato is in demand from posh London restaurants that offer up to ¥3,000 per spud, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported in March.

With twice the amount of sugar in standard sweet potatoes, Tanegashima island’s celebrated spud consumption has grown from 70 tons in 2004 to 3,500 tons. Annou weigh between 200 and 300 grams and retail for about ¥1,000 per kilogram in Tokyo.

London hotel owner Yasuko Fujita, 66, intro-duced annou to a UK farm-produce dealer, who said. “This is incredibly sweet and rich like cream. I cannot believe this is a sweet potato”.

“Restaurants are very competitive in London and chefs are always looking to be original. I am sure this potato will satisfy their creativity and tastes”, Fujita said.