December 2011

Media December 2011

Wagyu Hybrid Raises the Steaks

A hybrid beef, made using Japanese beef (wagyu), is now exclusively available at a London supermarket. The meat, sold at low prices, is the result of a three-year breeding programme, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 29 November.
Fashion December 2011

More than a Mission

The Japanese fashion market has challenges and quirks, but it is one place in which British firms taking part in the recent UK Trade & Investment mission here most definitely want to be.
Media December 2011

Wembley Hosts Tohoku Teens

A group of Tohoku high school footballers arrived in Britain to play at Wembley Stadium, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on 23 November.
Media December 2011

News in Brief

Your monthly digest of UK-Japan news.
Translation December 2011

『BCCJ ACUMEN』Volume 2 / Issue 12のまとめ

Media December 2011

Globe Traveller Arrives in Chiba

An Englishwoman attempting a solo voyage around the world by bike and kayak arrived at Choshi-shi, Chiba Prefecture, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 19 November.
Market Entry December 2011

Market Access and More

He says it with a twinkle in his eye, so you know that Intralink is not seriously looking at opening an office in Pyongyang in the immediate future.
Industry December 2011

How to Make Your Projects Work in Japan

Often it is said that global project management is a difficult task, “global” here meaning the project membership is cross-national, which requires a high level of internal collaboration.
Opinion December 2011

Why I’m Staying in Japan

When firms search for the right country in which to invest, many considerations come to the fore: corporate governance, logistics, legal issues, IP protection, security, education, available skills, politics and social stability.
Media December 2011

World’s Bus Operators Want Hybrid Motors

A fleet of 27 hybrid electric versions of London’s famous red buses has just completed 1mn miles of “clean, reliable revenue service”, thanks to BAE Systems’ technology that is also being used by some buses in Japan, according to a 26 October London Press Service report.
Sports December 2011

Cycling Challenges Golf’s Old Guard

After battling back from an injury that could have completely derailed his road-race cycling ambitions, James Machin is keen to develop the sport here in Japan even further.
Arts & Culture December 2011

Night at the Opera

The 1960s saw the gradual reemergence of Japan onto the world stage as post-war efforts to rebuild the nation increasingly focused attention on metropolitan Tokyo.
Exhibition December 2011

Forty Years of Queen

“Queen Forever”, organised by Universal Music, was held at Tokyo Tower from 23 November to 11 December.
Entrepreneur December 2011


The secret of a great bar or restaurant—to which people want to return time and time again—according to John Watkins, is creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, providing a wide selection of reasonably priced food and drinks, and leaving the music selection to the younger members of staff.
Media December 2011

Record Prices for Art

The world records for inro (nested boxes) and netsuke (miniature carvings) sold at auction were broken in the sale of the Harriet Szechenyi Collection of Japanese Art that took place at Bonhams in London on 8 November, according to
Banking December 2011

Extra Red Tape

If you’ve tried to open a yen corporate bank account for a newly registered entity this year, you may have realised that the process takes longer and has become more bureaucratic, with obligations harder to meet for some firms.
Review December 2011


The first thing that struck me about the Dyson hot+cool AM04, which recently hit the Japan market, is its trendy design—just like the firm’s other fans (all with Air Multiplier technology) and its popular line of stylish vacuum cleaners.
Science December 2011

Chemistry between Two Countries

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) opened an office in Ochanomizu, Tokyo on 1 November, with Chief Executive Dr Robert Parker using the occasion to call on the British government to follow in the steps of Japan by increasing spending on the sciences to drive economic growth.
Education December 2011

What Children of the Future Need from Schools

How are schools preparing children for the future—when change will be rapid and technological innovation even more so? What jobs will exist?
Communications December 2011

Power of PR

With a falling population and fading growth opportunities at home, many Japanese firms will have to expand operations abroad to prosper in the long term.
Entertainment December 2011


From Clapton to The Bongolian, Muse, The Rolling Stones, Beverley Moore, Neon Plastix and even Susan Boyle, British music rocks.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
December 2011

Our Last Trip to Ishinomaki for 2011

Upon becoming executive director on 1 February, I would have struggled to pinpoint Ishinomaki on a map; in the nine months since the 11 March disasters, the city—where more than 3,000 residents died and some 2,700 are still missing—has become an indelible part of the BCCJ landscape.
December 2011

That Was the Year That Was …

The year 2011 will go down in the annals of history for many things, including natural and financial disasters. It also saw, however, new beginnings such as the re-invigoration of the BCCJ under the stewardship of new Executive Director Lori Henderson, who came on board in February.
Simon Farrell Publisher
December 2011

BCCJ ACUMEN Survey Results

It’s either bravery or folly to survey your flagship product and publish the results. But here goes.
Cover Story December 2011

Who Guards the Guards?

Michael Woodford is getting all the plaudits for uncovering shady deals to allegedly cover up $1.5bn in investment losses at Olympus Corp., but the British former chief executive of the firm emphasised that credit for the scandal being uncovered belongs elsewhere.