Media December 2011

Wagyu Hybrid Raises the Steaks

A hybrid beef, made using Japanese beef (wagyu), is now exclusively available at a London supermarket. The meat, sold at low prices, is the result of a three-year breeding programme, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 29 November.

The beef, comprising meat from Holstein and breeds of Japanese cattle, has been on sale at some Asda stores. Sirloin cuts have sold for £23/kg, compared with the £155/ kg charged for pure wagyu in Japan, and some £180/kg in London’s top-class stores, according to the supermarket chain.

The fat in the gourmet meat is more evenly distributed than in other meats, and has a highly marbled appearance. The fine strands of unsaturated fat melt when the meat is cooked, giving it a greater depth of flavour than other beef.