February 2011

Books February 2011

Have Japanese Firms Changed?

A look at how Japanese firms have adapted to the changes that have occurred since the bursting of the economic bubble.
Books February 2011

What's What in Japanese Restaurants

This 180-page guide to eating out in Japan provides a wealth of information for those who want to expand their culinary horizons and know what they’re ordering and eating.
Books February 2011

Playing to Wiin: Nintendo and the Video Game ...

Tracing the history of media-shy Nintendo, from its origins as a 19th century family business specialising in playing cards to a world-beater.
Sport February 2011

Theatre of Broken Dreams

It is early evening on 2 December 2010; there is snow on the ground. The large reception hall at Zurich Exhibition Centre is buzzing with anticipation and anxiety, as the many hopeful delegates try to hide their sense of foreboding or excitement behind glasses of water, wine or champagne.
British Council February 2011

For an Outward-looking Generation

Anyone who has even glanced at the Japanese media recently cannot fail to have noticed the concern over the future of the workforce. “Global personnel” and an “inward-looking” generation are hot topics.
CSR February 2011

The Soft Side of Rock

Utilising everything from rap through songs by Abba, with numbers by Michael Jackson to classical arrangements and traditional Japanese music, several hundred children took to the stage at the Yokohama Kannai Hall on 22 November to compete in the Rock Challenge Japan 2010.
Translation February 2011

『BCCJ ACUMEN』Volume 2 / Issue 2のまとめ

James Weeks
Executive Committee February 2011

Revitalising and Expanding

Simon Farrell Publisher
Publisher February 2011

Staying Ahead in a Slump

Industry February 2011

For a Values-based Education

Faith, intellect, awareness, community and growth are the values-based learning goals of an education at the International School of the Sacred Heart (ISSH). A member of the worldwide network of the schools of the Society of the Sacred Heart, ISSH is a learning community that warmly welcomes international families of all faiths and prepares students for the 21st century.
Industry February 2011

Choosing the Right School

For most expatriate parents, few activities cause as much stress, worry and annoyance as selecting the right school for their child. Negotiating personally held beliefs regarding quality education and those pedagogical principles practiced within a new environment can be difficult, even for professionals in the field.
Feature Article February 2011

Your Own Private Banyan Tree

As anyone who has tried it will tell you, there is nothing quite like kicking back in the shade of a banyan tree. A native of tropical Asia, it is revered for providing shelter to weary travellers.
Feature Article February 2011

Harmonious Society, Harmonious Handover?

British firms must redouble their efforts to do business in China, as forthcoming regulatory changes and the intricacies of domestic politics threaten to stifle foreign involvement in the world’s second biggest economy.
Feature Article February 2011

Dyson’s New Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor

Thoroughly cleans any home or office-floor surface; reaches parts others can’t, and twice as powerful as its closest rivals—that’s Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner, the DC35.
Feature Article February 2011

Skeletons in the Cupboard

Asia is helping to haul the global economy out of its malaise as US and European economies continue to underperform. As a result of its sustained strong performance, the region continues to attract substantial investment, although the associated risks remain high.
Feature Article February 2011

What the Consular Team Does

Helping Britons cope with arrest, abduction, death and hospitalisation; facilitating births and marriages
Feature Article February 2011

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser underlined the strategic importance of the political and economic relationship between the UK and Japan on a recent trip to Japan.
Feature Article February 2011

Japan Summit 2010

Japan faces challenges on many fronts as it tries to rebuild a sagging economy, instil a degree of confidence in its political leaders and revitalise a dispirited public.
Feature Article February 2011

Autos Advocacy

Selling British cars and motorbikes in the Japanese market might at first appear like shipping the proverbial coals to Newcastle. But there is still sufficient skill and know-how in the UK automotive industry—particularly in the area of niche and specialist vehicles—to drive solid demand in Japan.
Feature Article February 2011

Hans Dietmar Schweisgut

The first EU ambassador under the European External Action Service (EEAS) framework and head of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan talks on trade, politics, the death penalty, child abductions and his goals.
Feature Article February 2011

So. Farewell Then

After close to a quarter of a century as executive director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Ian de Stains OBE believes he has had “a good innings”. He is stepping aside to allow some new blood to head the organisation and to pursue a number of new ventures.
Media February 2011

Clean-fuel Breakthrough

Inventors of the first fuel-cell motorcycle said that clean fuel-cell engine powered vehicles will soon be widely available to a large global market, the London Press Service reported on 25 January.
Media February 2011

Devon Club Wants Kagami Cash

A director who owns a controlling stake in English League One strugglers Plymouth Argyle is under fire from fans after a dismal campaign, financial woes and for rarely visiting the club or speaking to the media, the BBC reported on 15 January.
Media February 2011

Death Penalty Debate

Today is International Human Rights Day, wrote Ambassador David Warren in his British Embassy Tokyo blog on 10 December.
Media February 2011

UK Embassy Cats TNR’d

Pamela Warren, wife of Ambassador David Warren, asked the Chiyoda Nyantonarukai animal-welfare group to neuter the seven stray cats living around the British Embassy Tokyo grounds, the NPO’s newsletter reported in December.
Media February 2011

Health Service Changed

The national health system has been fundamentally changed for the first time in 60 years to save £10bn, the Nikkei reported on 24 January.
Media February 2011

Banks Invest in Africa

Barclays Capital and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation will help finance a $127 million seven-year deal with South Africa’s biggest telecommunications firm, Telkom SA, Engineering News reported on 21 January.
Media February 2011

N-plant Deal for Wales

A Toshiba Corporation consortium has won an order to build a nuclear-power plant in the UK, Sankei Biz reported on 20 January.
Media February 2011

Firm Recalls 19,000 Cars

Toyota Motor Corporation is recalling nearly 19,000 cars in the UK due to potential problems with their fuel systems, The Sun reported on 27 January.
Media February 2011

New Urban Car

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited announced a price of about £31,000 for its Cygnet urban car that is based on the Toyota IQ compact, Goo-net reported on 24 January.
Media February 2011

NPO Slams Tuna Brand

Greenpeace has ranked a Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary as the UK’s most environmentally damaging brand of canned tuna, according to a press release on 10 January.
Media February 2011

Paying the Price of Poor Service

Just as Visit Britain Chairman Christopher Rodrigues CBE told The Independent on 7 January that poor service in UK hotels and restaurants could put off tourists and cost thousands of jobs, Kyodo News revealed that Japanese firms abroad are introducing meticulous and cordial service standards that are shaming the locals.
Ian de Stains OBE
Leaders February 2011

Changing of the Guard

Leaders February 2011

Green Light for Growth