Feature Article February 2011

Dyson’s New Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor

Thoroughly cleans any home or office-floor surface; reaches parts others can’t, and twice as powerful as its closest rivals—that’s Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner, the DC35. Add a neat “docking station” for quick and easy access, recharge and storage; trendy transparent bin that makes messy bags redundant; and a detachable long-reach wand and power-saving “trigger”—and you have a versatile, compact and lightweight handheld that seems perfect for Japan’s relatively limited spaces. Oh, did I forget to mention that it looks very cool, indeed?

Let’s start with the docking station. Avoid the hassle of retrieving a cumbersome model, extending the twisted cable, attaching fiddly tools, and finding a power point within reach. Just hang it on the wall of a cupboard or small space to recharge it ready for next time.
The transparent bin, meanwhile, not only always clearly shows you everything sucked up and when it is full, but it also allows you to quickly and cleanly empty the mess straight into the rubbish without a superfluous third-party bag.

Surfaces? The DC35’s unique motorised tool performs equally well on carpets, tiles, stone and other coverings, hard or soft, because it has special rows of anti-static, carbon-fibre, ultra-fine brushes for hard surfaces and rotating nylon brushes for stubborn carpets.

In fact, the head rotates 180 degrees, reaching under low furniture, into tight corners and awkward gaps, so it’s difficult to imagine somewhere the long-reach wand cannot clean. For quick spills, spot cleaning, upholstery and even car interiors simply detach the wand. And the remarkable light weight is key to tackling overhead targets such as wardrobes, light fittings, ceilings, air-conditioning units, tops of doors and above curtains. Finally, the DC35 has an ample 15 minutes of power on regular mode (13 minutes with the motorised floor tool attached) and six minutes of super suction on high power mode.