Publicity July 2015

Offering new solutions in the IT sector

Specialist profile: Dan Takagi

Game-changing recruitment excellence. Every day at Robert Walters Japan, this is the mindset of the IT vendor team. Managed by Dan Takagi, this diverse group specialises in recruiting bilingual Japanese- and English-speaking technical professionals for technology vendors and consulting firms. Having been in the IT sector for five years, Takagi has a deep understanding of clients’ needs.

“The level of quality our clients and candidates expect from us is tremendously high”, he said. “Whether it is an emerging start-up company searching for a bilingual engineer with experience in cutting-edge cloud architecture, or that same cloud engineer looking to advance his or her career in entirely different technology, we are met with new challenges every day”.

However, with challenges come opportunities to present solutions. Takagi said that his team always considers new approaches to stay ahead in the constantly evolving technology market.

“Thinking outside the box means we often introduce candidates who at first may not be the obvious choice for a particular role but, with a bit of training, these candidates prove to be very successful”, he said. “With fierce competition among companies to hire the best candidates, we see that organisations who also think differently are winning the war for talent”.

With a team-based approach, every specialist team is highly committed to working together and putting new ideas into practice in order to tailor its solutions to the needs of each client.

“I always make sure my team and I maximise every opportunity to serve our candidates and clients better”, Takagi said.