Media July 2011

Secret Club’s Food to Die For

A secretive members-only supper club serving the deadly and illegal tiger blowfish (fugu) was set to open in the UK, the London Evening Standard reported on 9 June.

The Fugu Supper Club will offer the delicacy at undisclosed locations, ranging from a grand mansion to an unoccupied gallery space. Blowfish, each with enough poison to kill 30 adults, are banned from sale in the EU, so the club hopes to avoid legal issues by serving the dish to private diners only.

The club website says: “With our unique source of supply we are able to bring small amounts into the country for personal consumption at our private dinners”.

Guests get a champagne reception and six courses, most with fugu, and wine, plus sake, beer and whiskey from Japan for a £250 “donation”. Diners are assured that the chefs are fully qualified.