Motors May / June 2020

Lotus: lean and mean

Motors August 2018

Strength to strength

How the UK automotive industry is looking to the Japanese market
Motors September 2017

Foot to the floor

UK–Japan partnership powers new Lotus car
Motors October 2016

The Road Not Taken

Carmakers buckle up for Brexit as talks loom
Motors December 2015

Japan know-how to boost UK firm

How the spirit of hospitality is shaping Aston Martin
Motors July 2014

Viewers love British villains

UK actors prove to be popular and convincing big-screen baddies.
Motors May 2014

Memory lane for motors

Preserved or renovated British car classics gathered for the inaugural Great British Rally in Tokyo.
Motors July 2013

Wanted: Sponsors to Be Scared Silly

The driver turns his steering wheel sharply as a woman squeals with delight from the passenger seat. But her screams are barely audible—drowned out by the roar of the car’s engine as the vehicle bounces from side to side on the dirt road.
Motors March 2013

Battle of the Black Cabs

With some of the most cutting-edge technology that one of Japan’s leading automobile manufacturers has ever devised, the new generation of London’s Hackney Carriages is to bring together the heritage and iconic design values for which the vehicle is renowned around the world.
Motors April 2012

Safety First

For cars coming out of the Asia-Pacific region, the task of ensuring that they meet safety requirements falls to Michael Mulvaney and his team of 10 at the VCA offices in Nagoya.
Motors March 2012

New Jeeps for New Japan

The philosophy was to take the road less travelled. Those roads can be difficult to find in Japan, which is far better known for elevated motorways and traffic-cluttered back streets. But the vehicle that emerged from the toughest possible proving ground —war-torn Europe of the 1940s—has a spirit that can also be seen in its owners.