Media April 2014

Chocolatier offers new twist on classic

Nestlé Japan has launched an oven-bake version of one of the UK’s iconic chocolate bars, the Daily Mail reported on 31 March.

The Kit Kat Bake bar, available only in Japan, can be eaten “raw” or cooked for two minutes to yield a browned, biscuit-like snack. 

The firm worked with local confectioner Takagi—also its partner for the Kit Kat boutique launched in Tokyo this year—to come up with the new product. Its slogan is “Have a bake, have a Kit Kat”.

Pizza chains Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones decided to use the new sugary treat on dessert pizzas; Napoli no Kama sold its first Kit Kat pizza on 28 March.