April 2014


Medical Tourism Explained

Travelling for medical care, also known as medical tourism, is a rapidly growing industry valued upwards of $60bn annually.

The Business of Omotenashi

There are some things unique to Japan that are beyond cool, but nevertheless represent latent national assets, such as the phenomenon called omotenashi.

Can Japan Deliver the Skills It Needs?

An ongoing shortage of high-level skills means that Japan’s labour market has yet to find balanced ground.
Media April 2014

Mini launches new cars

The newest Mini range, launched in Japan on 12 April, has undergone a complete redesign.
Media April 2014

Japan lag weighs on music market

Waning music sales in Japan dragged down global sales totals in 2013, while music consumption in the UK remained upbeat.
Media April 2014

Chocolatier offers new twist on classic

Nestlé Japan has launched an oven-bake version of the Kit-Kat bar.
Anniversary April 2014

Having a Blast

The celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the British School in Tokyo went with a bang.
BCCJ Programme April 2014

Smiles All Round

The Books for Smiles programme has proved a brilliant success since its inception at the end of 2012.
Books April 2014

A commanding read on all things Japanese

This is the most important book on Japan to be published in the last two decades.
Diversity April 2014

Japan fails to achieve diversity at the top

Just 15% of management positions in Japan are held by women, a figure well below the average found across Asia.
Diversity April 2014

think slow

Many human resources departments work hard to remove intentional bias from the workplace, yet unconscious bias is rife.
Arts April 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Embassy April 2014

The Royal Harpist

Hannah Stone, the official harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales, performed a series of recitals for St David's Day.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
April 2014

Good governance; going to the polls

I encourage all BCCJ members to attend the AGM on 23 April, to welcome your new excom and president.
Banking April 2014

the Home loan maze

Among the benefits of property investment in Japan are greater choice and quality than the rental market.
Health April 2014

Hospitals: UK vs japan

If you end up in hospital during your time in Tokyo, rest assured that the level of care you will receive is generally the same as in any other developed country.
Heritage April 2014

Saving national assets

When it comes to sustainable urban development, the UK National Trust and its Japan equivalent, the ANTJ, each have their own approach.
Industry April 2014

Connect and Engage

Content marketing is considered a very important method for reaching your target social community.
Interview April 2014

old and new

Tomomi Araki, a registered architect in the UK and Japan, has a distinct view on the evolution of cities and buildings.
If You Ask Me April 2014

Here’s to a safe haven for D&I

The need could not be greater for “a safe, positive and nurturing environment” if Japan is to avoid a bleak future.
London Calling April 2014

A woman’s job?

Doing the dishes as well as bringing home money are only parts of the greater household operation.
Japanese Media April 2014

japan news

New products for new markets; Poor posture hurts job hunt; Tax hike spurs spending cuts
Media April 2014

New dog in town

Scottish beermaker BrewDog launched its first Asia outlet in Tokyo’s Roppongi district early last month.
April 2014

A privilege and a pleasure

The BCCJ’s success is all down to the companies and individuals involved.
Publicity April 2014

Your Partner in Property and Profits

The laws regarding apartment rentals for shared premises in Japan have become increasingly complex.
Simon Farrell Publisher
April 2014

Kaizen in practice

Election reforms, ACUMEN redesign and even Everton show ongoing improvement.
Sport April 2014

Passing the torch

Retired Olympian and former diplomat Mara Yamauchi now dedicates her time to motivational speaking and running-related activities.
Cover Story April 2014

As safe as houses?

The property market is entering a positive new cycle: banks are lending again, and sellers are making optimistic moves.
Media April 2014

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