June 2016

Top story June 2016

Ninety years

Marking the Queen’s birthday
Ambassador June 2016

Happy birthday Your Majesty; long may you reign over us.

Kathryn Wortley
June 2016

People assets

Combining skills for the future
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
June 2016

Time, treasure and talent

Who’s doing what at the BCCJ?
David Bickle OBE President
June 2016

EU membership

Leave or stay?
Excom June 2016

Attracting members to the BCCJ

New scheme launched

Steering Japan into the data age

Impact of the analytics revolution
D&I June 2016

Workplaces for all

British firm sets bar on diversity
Survey June 2016

Slow growth

Firms positive but less upbeat than in last poll
Regions June 2016

Rural revival

Briton seeks answers to Japan’s people challenges
Ecotourism June 2016

Hidden paradise

Oki Islands geopark reveals Shetland-like secrets
Publicity June 2016

Explore Yasugi City

Adachi Museum of Art among Shimane Prefecture’s many attractions
Publicity June 2016

Living museum

Step back in time in Oda City
Publicity June 2016

New heights

Fresh approach from British Airways based on strong heritage
Publicity June 2016

Growth of artificial intelligence

Industry June 2016

Golden times in IT security

Chances lie ahead for skilled staff
Training June 2016

Real leaders

How to be more successful
Gong June 2016

Putting art on the map

Award for boosting museum gems
JET June 2016

Where are they now?

Putting down roots brings new cultural ties
If You Ask Me June 2016

Forty years on

Reflecting on Japan experiences
Books June 2016

A slice of social history

Builders of bonds
Training June 2016

Structured project planning

CSR June 2016

Raising awareness of refugees

Travel June 2016

Who needs a travel specialist?