October 2016

BCCJ Event October 2016

The money mover

Forex firm’s cheap cash transfers arrive in Japan
British Business Awards October 2016

What do BBA judges look for?

How this year’s experts will identify DRIVE
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
October 2016

Shift up a gear

Busy month in UK–Japan ties
Emma Hickinbotham Interim Executive Director
October 2016

In the hot seat

Hope to meet you soon
David Bickle OBE President
October 2016

Strong ties

BCCJ is a hub for collaboration and exchange

Iain Ferguson

President of Lloyd’s Japan talks about solutions for specialist business risks and the benefits of BCCJ membership
Motors October 2016

The Road Not Taken

Carmakers buckle up for Brexit as talks loom
Real Estate October 2016

Warm welcome for foreign firms

Tokyo in new bid to be Asia business capital
BCCJ Event October 2016

Making Good Things Happen

Corporate social responsibility offers benefits and challenges
Embassy October 2016

Letter from Seoul

Ex-Tokyo trade envoy compares Japan and South Korea
History October 2016

Karma Chameleon

A life between contradictions
If You Ask Me October 2016

Opting Out

There may be fewer hikikomori, but social pressures will continue to create them
Book review October 2016

Unique publishing project

This is a seriously beautiful book that would make a fine addition to anyone’s library
JET October 2016

Next Steps

Majid Riaz on how JET is still a springboard to the future
Charity October 2016

Beyond the bottom line

In healthcare, prioritising patient welfare yields benefits for all concerned
Real Estate October 2016

Diversity, Branding & Technology

How developments in real estate enhance new working cultures
Publicity October 2016

Stage Fright Got You?

Hands and legs quivering, knees knocking together, face turning red, pulse racing, mind whiting out—this is stage fright
Publicity October 2016

Boost your team

Corporate mystery-solving fun
Publicity October 2016

Work, Rest and Play

The hotel designed for your schedule
Publicity October 2016

Best interests

Client-first approach yields results
Publicity October 2016

Benefits for Japanese of early-career posts abroad

Report on September Forum for Expat Management
Training October 2016

Designing our presentation

Designing a presentation is a critical stage in delivering one.