September 2017

Top story September 2017

Prime Minister’s mission to Japan

Theresa May meets emperor, leaders of business and politics
Top story September 2017

Japan–UK Business Forum

Partnerships and innovation
Simon Farrell Publisher
September 2017

May Day

More than a mission
David Bickle OBE President

Stronger than ever

Bilateral ties to develop even further
Emma Hickinbotham Interim Executive Director
September 2017

Back in action

Handing over the reins
Science September 2017

Catalyst for change

Johnson Matthey looks to the future as it marks 200 years
Food September 2017

Prime cuts

Talk of lifting Japan’s ban on British beef gives hope to UK firms
Motors September 2017

Foot to the floor

UK–Japan partnership powers new Lotus car
If You Ask Me September 2017

Key step

Theresa May’s Japan visit follows the path of past prime ministers
Music September 2017

Rock on

Poor weather couldn’t stop British acts from stealing the show at Fuji Rock Festival ’17
Fashion September 2017

Shock and awe

Book review September 2017

The silence of autism

Another illuminating look at autism
Charity September 2017

Give a dog a home

ARK opens stunning new Kansai kennel with UK support
Behind the Mic September 2017

Man’s best friend

How a cat gave a homeless busker a second life
Training September 2017

Getting the most from staff

Soft skills revolution is required
Publicity September 2017

Fight Cancer with Jazz

Join Shine On! Kids for our anniversary gala
Publicity September 2017

The power of branding

An interview with Matt Nicholls