Media May 2012

North England Can Be Global Nuclear Supplies Hub

The UK has a chance to become one of the world’s leading nuclear manufacturing hubs, since there is a lack of resilience among the largest components’ global supply chains, dominated by Japan and France, the London Press Service reported on 10 April.

With the right level of investment this presents an opportunity for the UK to create many thousands of jobs and generate substantial economic growth, the Manchester University report is quoted as saying.

This highlights the opportunity for the government to invest in the vast potential of northern England, as it meets the UK demand for a new generation of nuclear reactors, and uses this as a springboard for providing goods and services to the global nuclear sector worth £300bn.

The report was commissioned by the Dalton Nuclear Institute, which was established in 2005 as a leading national centre for nuclear research and education.

The nuclear new-build renaissance continues in countries such as China, India and the UK, with 60 reactors being built, 155 planned and a further 338 proposed.