May 2012


Charcoal: Much More than Barbeque Fuel

When you think of charcoal, long summer evenings immediately spring to mind, with the smell of sizzling meat or seafood permeating the air. Few people remember, however, that charcoal is so much more than just fuel.

Stop Wasting Money on Training

Training firms themselves are probably the most savage critics of training when it is done poorly. There are cases in which the curriculum is flimsy, faddish or brief. Trainers, too, can be disasters—unskilled, inflexible or simply incompetent.
Tax May 2012

UK is "Open for Business"

On 21 March, the House of Commons was presented with the government’s budget proposals. They continued the clear message that Britain is open for business.
May 2012

New Year, New Face for BCCJ

Welcome to a new BCCJ year—and from a new face on the president’s page. It is both an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve you, the members, as president of the BCCJ for the 2012–13 chamber year.
Publicity May 2012

A World of Workspaces

As the largest global provider of flexible workspaces, Regus plc each year helps more than 1mn customers focus on their business, rather than the location from which they manage it.
Investment May 2012

Buying Real Estate in Japan

Japan was the world’s second-largest economy for more than 40 years, until it was overtaken by China in 2010. After the early 1990s, Japan experienced what some have called a lost decade, during which time the economy stagnated and growth was substantially lower than before.
Books May 2012

Book Reviews

This month: Mori Building: The Making of Vertical Garden Cities and March Was Made of Yarn: Reflections on the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown.
Entrepreneur May 2012

Theodore Jennings

Award-winning outdoor living designer produces elegant energy saving solutions for home and office balconies.
Industry May 2012

Feng Shui for Cynics

According to consultant and representative of World of Feng Shui Japan HQ, whether people believe feng shui actually influences events or is superstitious nonsense, even cynics cannot deny its real benefits in the office.
Interview May 2012

Robert Walters

The specialist recruitment firm that Robert Walters set up in 1985 today has 48 offices in 23 countries and plans to start operations in Munich and Rio de Janeiro in the near future.
Foreword May 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

Her Majesty came to the throne on 6 February 1952, and her coronation took place on 2 June 1953. Hers is the second-longest reign in British history, after that of Queen Victoria, from 1837 until 1901. There will be an extended bank holiday weekend of celebrations from Saturday 2 June to Tuesday 5 June, with activities throughout the UK, across the Commonwealth and beyond.
Cover Story May 2012

Return Trip to Tower Bridge

As she carefully lays out all the food, clothing and paraphernalia required to take on the next leg of this two-and-a-half-year odyssey—the 4,500 nautical-mile crossing of the North Pacific in a 7-metre boat called Gulliver—she makes her confession.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
May 2012

Meet Your Executive Committee

At the BCCJ annual general meeting on 26 April, attendees elected a new executive committee, comprising 15 members, to serve the membership during the 2012–13 chamber year.
Music May 2012

Strictly Singing—for Charity

Singing, to some of us, is a pursuit closely associated with showers and karaoke bars. To others, it is a distant memory from their youth, days of Sunday school and campfires. Then there are those who sing along to their favourite music in their head, lest they embarrass themselves or others should they let rip.
Politics May 2012

Joint Statement by the Prime Ministers of the UK and Japan

As the Prime Ministers of Japan and the UK, we are committed to promoting global prosperity and security, based on the shared values of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and the market economy. We also have a shared responsibility to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.
Education May 2012

Selecting the Right University

Surrounded by fellow students of many different nationalities, heading off to universities in every country imaginable, the options for students at international schools can seem endless.
Industry May 2012

Efficiency, Costs, Risk

With ongoing uncertainty about the economic outlook and the strength of recovery, businesses across all sectors continue to seek ways of improving efficiency and cutting costs.
Investment May 2012

Who is a Professional Investor in Japan?

In many jurisdictions, the financial regulations that apply to transactions involving professional investors tend to be more moderate than those applying to transactions not involving professional investors. This is also true in Japan.
Industry May 2012

Mergers & Acquisitions

In this article, I cannot help you very much. That said, in my 2004 book, Japan True or False—People Problems, Costs, Restructuring, chapters one, four and five have much useful information on mergers and acquisitions.
Media May 2012

North England Can Be Global Nuclear Supplies Hub

The UK is on its way to becoming one of the world's leading nuclear manufacturing hubs.
Media May 2012

News in Brief

A lingerie firm's reach expands, the British buying groceries in bulk, and a soccer star plans a big move.
Defence May 2012

Sweet Deal or Arms Race?

The Joint Statement on the UK/Japan Defence relationship that was agreed during Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Tokyo in April has the potential to forge even closer links between Japan and the UK, and generate millions of pounds’ worth of new contracts for British firms, although officials are keen to emphasise that the future growth of exchanges in the defence sphere will be “evolutionary rather than revolutionary”.
Media May 2012

Global Demand for “Made in Britain” Shoes

The British Footwear Association (BFA) has teamed up with Pure London, the UK’s largest trade fashion show, to provide an opportunity for new footwear labels to launch their collections.
Japanese Media May 2012

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

Over the past half decade, e-commerce transactions in Japan doubled, reaching a total value of ¥7.8trn in 2010. Following the 11 March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, disaster-related products enjoyed particularly high demand, with sales via internet service firm Rakuten alone posting a six-fold rise between March and August.
Media May 2012

Narita Chiefs Visit Stansted

Senior executives from Narita International Airport visited London Stansted Airport for lessons about how the world’s best airport for low-cost airlines operates.
Entrepreneur May 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

It’s a long way from the bright lights of Tokyo, but the Britons who are making their mark on the business community in Japan’s most southerly prefecture are adamant that they would not swap their beaches, balmy air and bougainvillea for all the neon in Shibuya.
Arts & Culture May 2012

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Shoko Nakamura
Media May 2012

Londoners Lap Up Nitrogen Ice Cream

Aki Matsushima caused a stir in MasterChef, the BBC TV competition for amateur cooks, with her unique ice cream.
Tribute May 2012

Minoru Mori

With the sad departure of Minoru Mori KBE we have lost one of the most mordant observers of the contemporary scene in Tokyo and Shanghai.