Publisher Mar / Apr 2021

Put your passion into action

People and non-profits need each other now

As we enter the next phase of Covid-19, many non-profits still need volunteers, interns, paid help and vice versa. This kind of work offers useful skills, vital experience, industry know-how and great connections—prime assets in a tough job market. Employers benefit from keen labour and fresh perspectives—while both parties test each other in the real world before taking the next crucial step. 

Many of these organisations are founded, managed or staffed by British expats. The work is varied, involving anything from mucking out kennels, handing the homeless food and blankets, to marketing, fundraising and organising fun events. If you’d like to help, but you’re not sure how, you can put your soul and passion into action with like-minded people through GoConnect. 

This free digital platform won the Best Corporate Social Responsibility gong at the 2020 Best Business Awards in September for helping local businesses and charities affected by Covid-19, and has just celebrated its first anniversary:


Animal Refuge Kansai needs volunteers to help unwanted, abused and homeless animals.

Bass Handcrafted Sanitizers is recruiting marketing volunteers to help expand their service to the Japanese public.
Grama Seva Japan is looking for volunteers to help provide food and shelter for homeless people in Tokyo.
HOPE International Development Agency needs help to help communities that need access to clean water, agriculture and food security.
Kasumi Refugee Support Youth welcome volunteers to help raise awareness about the plights of refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers in Japan through various activities.
Mirai no Mori, which supports marginalised youth, is recruiting volunteers and interns.
Mymizu’s mission is to change consumption behaviour from unsustainable to environmentally responsible. They are looking for volunteers and partners.
Refugee Empowerment International (formerly RIJ) is looking for volunteers who can do translation, marketing and event organising.
SEGO Initiative is looking for volunteers skilled in communications, video and photography, fundraising, IT and web design.
Shine On! Kids is looking for a bilingual intern to support its Hospital Facility Dog Trainer.
YouMeWe’s primary mission is to help children growing up in orphanages to become fully capable and financially independent young adults. Help them!

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