Anniversary Nov / Dec 2019

Ten years of ACUMEN

Anniversary March 2015

Tohoku: Broken hearts and humbled

A UK film team has made a documentary that sheds light on the region's recovery.
Anniversary August 2014

Our best picks

A look back at BCCJ ACUMEN's top covers and stories.
Anniversary April 2014

Having a Blast

The celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the British School in Tokyo went with a bang.
Anniversary March 2014

The future is clear

With a new product line, renovated packaging and other developments, Unilever Japan is on track to achieve its 2020 goals.
Anniversary January 2014

Japan400 helped business, human ties

A prime aim of Japan400 was achieving historical resonance, in terms of both people and places, and strengthening the UK–Japan partnership.
Anniversary November 2013

Hiking through History

A British humanitarian aid professional has completed a 126km stretch of the Nakasendo Way as part of the official Japan400 celebrations.
Anniversary October 2013

pomp, circumstance and the quest for peace

As Japan and the UK celebrate 400 years of ties, a stalwart force in Britain’s musical culture is observing over 200 years of service to the Crown.
Anniversary September 2013

Japan400: Sex, History, Art, Music

Events to commemorate 400 years of strong diplomatic, trade and cultural ties between Japan and Britain are continuing in the latter half of the year with exhibits, educational workshops, cultural days and symposiums at venues in both nations.
Anniversary August 2013

400 Night

Given both nations’ partiality to fine dining, excellent company and free-flowing drinks, it was appropriate that 400 years of close ties between Japan and Britain were celebrated at the BCCJ’s 400 Night at the Conrad Tokyo hotel on 18 July.
Anniversary July 2013

Friends by Mistake

As Britain and Japan mark 400 years of close diplomatic and trade ties—an occasion celebrated in both countries with a series of events throughout the year—it is worth remembering that the relationship originally came about primarily as a result of misunderstanding and misconception on the part of the British.
Anniversary June 2013

Legends and Facts

A little over 403 years after William Adams became the first Englishman to set foot on Japanese soil, the contribution that he made to Anglo–Japanese relations has been celebrated at the inaugural Anjin Summit held in Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Anniversary May 2013

UK–Japan: History Highlights

The second part in our series on the 400th anniversary of UK–Japan ties notes some major events that have linked the two countries.
Anniversary June 2011

Against the Odds

The Chinese came over the hillsides “like ants”, said Ben Whitchurch, who also recalled wishing, as a private in the spring of 1951, that he had been armed with something that had a faster rate of fire than an Enfield rifle.
Anniversary October / November 2010

Remembering the "Forgotten War"

British veterans are returning to South Korea throughout 2010 to mark the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War that killed 1,000 UK troops.