Music July 2019

Sounds of business

Midori Komachi develops a musical bridge with UK brands
Music September 2017

Rock on

Poor weather couldn’t stop British acts from stealing the show at Fuji Rock Festival ’17

When music takes over

YUSK on Tourette syndrome and the power of the piano
Music November 2016

Fused music

“Three mute girls” from Derbyshire bring quirky gig to Japan
Music November 2015

Japanese ears open to UK composers

Violinist’s cultural exchange project
Music June 2014

Electric samurai

Guitar legend Tomoyasu Hotei dreams of expanding his work globally.
Music January 2014

Ching, Ching!

The use of music as a tourism hook, to attract visitors to Britain, has not yet been fully exploited.
Music September 2013

Quality key to guitars of note

Josh Parkin Guitars (JPG) is a good example of what you can do if you have a honed skill—and the wherewithal to get on an aeroplane, leave your native country, and set up a small, but highly specialised business in a distant land.
Music August 2013

The Prodigy Daughter

Members of the BCCJ attending the annual British Business Awards on 1 November can expect an evening of humour, awards, as well as excellent food and drink. But the highlight is expected to be Diana Yukawa.
Music July 2013

Brighton Rocks Chiba Beach

Under a clear blue sky on a long stretch of beach at Makuhari Seaside Park in Chiba Prefecture, the Big Beach Festival ’13 brought thousands of music lovers together to indulge in the music of some of the world’s best DJs.
Music June 2013

The 50-year Friendship

As the final note of Bruckner’s Symphony No 9 died away in the highest reaches of the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, the crowd erupted into applause.
Music March 2013

Living the Dream

In bars, live houses and recording studios around Tokyo, musicians from across the UK are demonstrating that Britons really do have talent.
Music December 2012

Synergy and Synthesis

Nick Wood can trace his musical career back to the day at boarding school when he realised that students who signed up for piano lessons were excused from prep.
Music September 2012

Merging Music

Susanne Bayly was pregnant with Diana Yukawa on 12 August 1985, when Japan Airlines flight 123 from Haneda International Airport to Osaka crashed into Mt Osutaka in Gunma Prefecture. Diana’s father Akihisa was among the 520 people who did not survive the worst single-aircraft crash in history.
Music May 2012

Strictly Singing—for Charity

Singing, to some of us, is a pursuit closely associated with showers and karaoke bars. To others, it is a distant memory from their youth, days of Sunday school and campfires. Then there are those who sing along to their favourite music in their head, lest they embarrass themselves or others should they let rip.
Music January 2012

Secrets of the Stars

After 20 years of interviewing the good, bad and ugly from the world of rock and roll, Guy Perryman has plenty of anecdotes to tell about the stars, from those whose laid-back approach to a schedule drives their Japanese handlers berserk to others whose egos have trouble fitting through the door with them.