June 2012


London's "Austerity Games"

As the host of two previous Olympics—in 1908 and 1948—London is the only city to hold one of the world’s greatest events three times. With the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games set to start on 27 July, there hasn’t been as much excitement in the London air since 1948—the last time the country stared austerity in the face.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Born and raised in Tokyo, I have seen many changes made to this high-tech city over the past 40 years. I remember, at the age of five, being surprised on my first visit to the Tokyo Tower observatory, and looking down on the sprawling metropolis; the people below looked like ants and the cars like grains of rice.

Find Their Comfort Zone

Red: “Time is money”. “No excuses, just get on with it”. Blue: “Show me the big picture”. “Let’s do it. Where we are going will be incredible”. Green: “Let’s have a cup of tea and get to know each other”. “How will everyone feel about this?”
Cover Story June 2012

Maya Nakanishi

Maya Nakanishi has never let anything get in her way. One of the top-ranked soft tennis players when she was a student in Oita Prefecture, she lost her right leg in an industrial accident at the age of 21—and her first emotion after the operation was “annoyance” at not being able to get out of bed immediately.
Publicity June 2012

The 12th National Consumer Value Research Survey

I&S BBDO conducted its 12th National Consumer Value Research (CoVaR®) survey in May 2012. The survey targeted 2,500 men and women nationwide aged between 18 and 69.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Hiring the Right Medical Affairs Team

Firms recognise the value of hiring MD- or PhD-qualified people, but where can they find the right talent?
Exhibition June 2012

"Travelling Around the World in Sand: The United Kingdom"

The museum's first exhibition honours several major UK events this year
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Underneath the Hospital Gown

Japan's sophisticated social insurance system offers free access to healthcare, allowing people to visit the doctor for any condition. Most companies offer annual medical checks to employees, creating a further opportunity for patients to be aware of their condition, and perhaps, discover some unwanted truths.
Healthcare June 2012

Healthcare's "New Market"

Shift to preventive medicine clears more drugs and medical devices.
Simon Farrell Publisher
June 2012

A Smoker's Last Stand

Health concerns tipped the balance and encourage the publisher to kick his smoking habit.
June 2012

Events and Task Forces Behind BCCJ Strength

The BCCJ looks to another promising year.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
June 2012

So What Do You Actually Do?

Interview with Graham Davis.
Feature Article June 2012

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Shoko Nakamura
Japanese Media June 2012

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

Stick Your Job!, Foreign Visitors Return, Exchange Rate Blues, Olympics Survey, Vanishing Bookstores
Media June 2012

News in Brief

Japan's oldest clock and new internet rules set to hit the country.
Media June 2012

Harry Potter Draw for Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, will build Asia’s first The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Media June 2012

Issey Miyake Honoured

Top honours in the fashion category at the Design Museum of London Design Awards went to Issey Miyake and his “Reality Lab” team.
Media June 2012

New Ethical Jeans to Be Sold in Tokyo

A husband-and-wife team is set to launch a new venture designing and making high-quality premium jeans to be sold in Japan and the UK.
Media June 2012

Heathrow, Haneda and Narita Win Awards

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, home of British Airways, has been voted the World’s Best Airport Terminal by airline travellers at the 2012 World Airport Awards.
Books June 2012

Book Reviews

Fashion and consumption feature in our book reviews this month.
People June 2012

Doctor to the Stars

I went to see a remarkable man the other day. His name is Dr Eugene Aksenoff, and he is a White Russian by ancestry. That is to say, this medical doctor is driven by passions the like of which rarely get into a slowcoach like me.
Lifestyle June 2012

The Quiet Briton

The Harley-Davidson brand invokes certain images: a tough, stylish, outdoor US brand. So it comes as a slight surprise to discover that the man charged with heading the firm’s Japan operation is a quietly spoken, somewhat intellectual Briton.
Communications June 2012

Oh, No. I'm Losing it!

Since more than one-third of our lives is spent at work associating with people with whom we have not necessarily chosen to be—and working under the pressure of high demands and competition—it’s no small wonder that disagreements arise and resentments fester and build, day after day.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Fighting Rare Illnesses and Disorders

Pharmaceutical makers are in an excellent position to do a lot of good—and, I would argue, have something of a duty to do so—above and beyond merely developing and providing medicines that are going to cure illnesses and give people longer, happier and more productive lives.
Publicity June 2012

Improving the Quality of Life for Acne Sufferers in Japan

According to an acne-perception study by prominent US psychiatrist Dr Eva Ritvo, teenagers and adults have a negative perception of teens with acne, seeing them as generally shy, less socially active, more likely to be bullied, and less successful at finding a job.
Food June 2012

Had Enough Vindaloo?

Marcus Wareing is on a campaign to convince diners that British cuisine can be world-class and consists of more than roast beef and fish and chips, but he was also deeply impressed by the dishes that are being served by some of Japan’s top restaurants.
Innovation June 2012

What's Your Point?

On the water, Richard Parslow and Marcus Baur were fierce rivals. Baur, a double Olympian, was one of the top sailors in the German team, while Parslow was coach of the British squad. In numerous championship regattas around the world, they asked and gave no quarter.
Publicity June 2012

Times are Changing

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything was 42. Alarmingly, it is also the answer to the question “How long have I been teaching?” The 1970s was when it all began: the start of a decade of strikes by postal workers, miners and dustmen, ending in the winter of discontent.
BCCJ Event June 2012

Sir John Major

The world is changing more rapidly than ever and new challenges are constantly being thrown up, but Japan will thrive if it is able to regain some of its economic self-confidence of years gone by, Sir John Major KG, CH told a BCCJ luncheon on 8 May.
Media June 2012

MP to Visit Japan over Education

Shadow Secretary of State for Education Stephen Twigg said England’s schools should take lessons from Japan and Far East nations on how to improve performance.